Millions in donations, tourism revenue hang in the balance as wind farms get in the way of Buddhist development

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PETERBOROUGH — Peterborough could stand to lose millions in economic spinoff if wind turbines throw a permanent wrench into plans to build a Buddhist complex near Bethany. According to a cost-benefit analysis put together by Peterborough Economic Development, the series of temples and their meditation retreat centres would be the largest Buddhist complex outside China, and could draw roughly 45,000 visitors per year.

While the temples will be free to visit, the agency estimates they could generate more than $20 million for Ontario’s economy, when considering the cost visitors will pay to eat, sleep and take in other attractions in the area.

It’s a conservative estimate, says Fiona Dawson, director of tourism for Peterborough Economic Development, who says the agency didn’t hire a consultant to do the report. Instead, it plugged numbers into a widely-used economic impact model to get a general sense of the temple’s impact on the economy.  Looking beyond the project’s immediate impact on tourism, Ms. Dawson says the temple project offers significant potential.  Read article

One thought on “Millions in donations, tourism revenue hang in the balance as wind farms get in the way of Buddhist development

  1. It should be duly noted that the Cottage Life TV channel has an advertisement by BullFrog Power extolling the virtues of wind turbines. Clean and green, la dee da …

    The annual Cottage Life Show, held at the end of March, is primarily geared to “traditional” cottage country like Muskoka, Haliburton and Huronia, where interestingly, there are no proposed IWT projects.

    I wonder if this is because many politicians, wind whores and their counsel have summer homes there? Also, the wind proponents know that these areas have plenty of fight-back money available, should push come to shove, so they stay away, for now.

    Too bad, so sad for also-ran cottage areas such as Lakes Erie and Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Parry Sound District and Algoma’s Lake Superior: Cottage Life collateral damage.

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