Public fills gallery to hear wind turbine concerns

south HuronBy Scott Nixon, Times-Advocate Staff
SOUTH HURON — The public filled the gallery at South Huron council’s March 17 meeting, with most in attendance to hear two South Huron residents air their concerns about upcoming local wind turbine projects.

Those opposed to the wind turbines held signs in protest on Exeter’s Main Street in front of town hall before the meeting started. Speaking first was James Corcoran of Babylon Line who said he has more than 30 years of experience working on environmental assessments on behalf of developers. Corcoran noted there are two projects in South Huron — NextEra’s Goshen project and Northland Power’s Grand Bend project, for a total of about 110 wind turbines.

“These wind projects will change this place more totally, more rapidly and more permanently than anything in the past 10,000 years,” Corcoran said. He continued that in the next year South Huron’s culture of sophisticated farming and wildlife stewardship “could well be finished, as will be our stewardship of the broader landscape for humans and animals, and I do not exaggerate.” Read article

7 thoughts on “Public fills gallery to hear wind turbine concerns

  1. One could make very similar statements and projections of our collective future in the municipality of ACW which will be ruined by the already approved K2 Wind project.

  2. ‘[excerpt] Mayor George Robertson commended Yearley on his presentation.

    “I’ve listened to a lot of them,” the mayor said adding, “I’ve never had anybody tugging on my heartstrings like this. I commend you.”

    Yearley’s presentation was also met with loud applause from the gallery.

    At the end of the meeting, during councillors’ comments, Tomes asked about Corcoran’s suggestion that the municipality write a letter to the MOE. Chief administrative officer Roy Hardy responded that staff can look into the issue further to see what South Huron’s options are.’

    Operation ‘options’ – and, next time come prepared Mr. Hardy!

  3. Where were these two fellows about 4 years ago when the wind farms were first proposed. The 37 turbine project 15 km’s north and west of Exeter is under construction as we speak. Redi mix trucks are constantly coming and going.
    By the time Mr Hardy gets a reply from the MOE the 63 turbine project known as the Goshen Wind Farm will be under construction.
    The South Huron Council did listen attentively,after all this is election year so it was important to show a little empathy. The Mayor said he felt a tugging of his heart strings but I’m certain there wasn’t any dabbing of the eyes by the rest of the council.

  4. The underlying problem is that these IWT developers have so much money, political clout and so many connections that it makes it most difficult for citizens to deal with the situation.

  5. When information about the underlying IWT situation is put togther it resembles a spiderweb.

  6. Between the developers, government and the MNR – it truly is like sleeping with the enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – I have now sent well over 100 emails to the premiers’ office she will not answer questions regarding removal of birds nets!!! !! – and the energy minister just passes your emails off to the MNR! – it is like being at a carnival on the merry go round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – and that is exactly what we have running this province a bunch of clowns!!! – one would think with all of the turmoil that is going on in her government (house) Ms. Wynne one would think would be working hard!! on no she is in Hamilton at a race!! (this Sun) what a joke! I urge everyone to keep emailing her and her cabinet!! also email Ezra Levant at Sun News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – it is just terrible to watch the birds come in contact with the turbines!! I call it cancer in the sky!!!!

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