Blanding’s turtle blocks turbines again

blandings_turtleJohn Spears, Toronto Star
Blanding’s turtle has won a temporary reprieve, as a court blocked construction of a wind farm that could damage its habitat at Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County. That means construction of the wind farm can’t start before next fall at the earliest.

Mr. Justice R.A. Blair of Ontario Court of Appeal issued an order Tuesday placing a stay on construction until the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists can seek leave to appeal an earlier court ruling.

Gilead Power wants to erect a nine-turbine wind farm at Ostrander Point. It was at first blocked by an Environmental Review Tribunal, which said the development might harm the habitat of Blanding’s turtle. The naturalists had also argued that the development threatens migratory birds, bats, and the unusual local ecosystem. Read article

8 thoughts on “Blanding’s turtle blocks turbines again

    • This has nothing whatsoever to do with other parts of Ontario. We are not in a fight with one another and must be very careful not to be dragged into such infighting.
      This is great news for all of Ontario and for our united fight against the industrialization of rural Ontario by useless IWTs.
      It matters not how we win each and every fight, so long as we win. This doesn’t mean another area will suffer because this area won, for now.
      Also this is only until fall & if Andrea the Hoar-rat doesn’t join Hudak in booting these bastard lying Liberals, it’ll be back again.
      We’ll see just how brain-dead most Ontario voters are. All with a brain will of course elect Hudak and save Ontarios’ sorry ass. But don’t hold your breath.

  1. To win court battles on health issues a lot of case law is needed. Judges don’t want to stick their necks out with rulings when they don’t have case law to back them up.

  2. But if you can get a jury verdict then it is almost imposible to overturn a jury verdict unless some very compelling new information comes to light.

  3. Probably the vast majority of Ontarians don’t even know what is going on with these IWTs and the issues surrounding them.
    Only websites like OWR are presenting the true facts.

  4. Maybe someday in the not too distant future someone will write a sequel to the “Cloak of Green”

  5. There is always a tipping point in most arguments,this could be one.
    I think with Barbara’s and all’s A1 research in all possible connections to the all reaching company ,people,IWT scam and it’s effects on animal (that includes humans) and now turtles is still in the MAINSTREAM NEWS.
    That filters down through other media.
    It might be a drip drip drip sinario,but so was GREEN eh!
    Thanks Barbara

  6. The little turtle who could!

    It is a costly fight, but, if successful, could benefit other rare & endangered species and their habitats. >Reminder to self: send donation.<

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