McGuinty’s former chief of staff faces criminal allegations in gas plant probe

Dalton GasKaren Howlett, Adrian Morrow, The Globe and Mail
Dalton McGuinty’s former chief of staff is accused of giving the “life partner” of one of his deputies “unrestricted” access to computers in the premier’s office, according to unsealed police documents.

The police affidavit to obtain a search warrant was unsealed by an Ottawa judge on Thursday at the request of The Globe and Mail and other media outlets. The Ontario Provincial Police used the warrant to seize the hard drives of 24 computers as part of their probe into the alleged deletion of e-mail records in the premier’s office.

David Livingston, Mr. McGuinty’s former chief of staff, sought and obtained the go-ahead for a non-government member to gain access to computers in the premier’s office and “wipe clean” the hard drives, the document alleges.

Mr. Livingston’s assistant was provided with a “special global administrative right,” allowing her to access all the computers in the premier’s office, as well as to delete or modify data stored on the computers, the document alleges. The highly unusual access was granted in February, 2013, just days before the transition to the Wynne government.  Read article

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  1. What is unbelievable about this whole story, is how a Liberal staffer’s “boyfriend” can gain access to the Premier of Ont office, and calmly go about wiping data from computers. No one saw this happening, noticed their accounts were wiped, saw anything unusual?
    The obvious question is where was premier Wynne while this black bag job was underway?

    If ever an action called out for a vote of non confidence in this sorry regime, this would be it.
    Andrea Horwath please call in.

    • They wouldn’t obviously but it becomes increasingly difficult to justify. Insurance premium? a real priority for most voters.
      Actually the arcane legislature rules prevent a nc motion, except on a money bill, meaning Wynne could hang on indefinitely. Bob Rae did something similar before he called an election. Only in Ont could this be possible.

      • “Insurance premium? a real priority for most voters”.
        If you’re referring to the 15% auto insurance premium reduction, promised by the Treasonous, Left Dishonourable, unelected premier Katie the Wynnd Witch, If everyone did their homework and learned where that reduction is actually coming from, benefits for Catastrophically injuried victims of M.V.A.s, they’d gladly decline the reduction and keep the much needed benefits, in case of future needs. Once again, as usual, the Liberals are taking from those who can least afford it, paraplegic MVA victims and their loved ones.
        Those who were hoping Wynne would be more honest & humane than McGuilty are, I’m afraid, going to be very disappointed! She may very well turn out to be even worse, than the worst ever. If that’s possible.
        I think it’s time to start praying for a Hudak Majority really soon. Or Ontario is toast.

      • Open letter to Premier Wynne

        June 18, 2013

        ‘[excerpt] Early in your tenure you tried to pass yourself off as knowledgeable of rural issues. You were challenged to describe what a “heifer” was. You did so. You also challenged the media as to what a “spent hen” was. I submit it doesn’t mean what you think it means.’

  2. Premier Kathleen looked pretty distraught when she appeared on last nights TV news. Hydro One/ OPG is the cancer in our economy and is a real cancer in the Liberal party. Does anyone think that when Sandra Pupatello and Bernard Lord take over on April1 that will be able to find a cure for that cancer.



    (page 22)

    125 Mr. Fedeli and Mr. Leone make reference to the report issued on the 5th of June 2013 by the
    Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Dr. Ann Cavoukian. According to them,
    Commissioner Cavoukian concluded that senior advisors in former Premier McGuinty’s office
    destroyed and/or took the sole copies of official government documents contrary to their
    obligations under the Archives and Recordkeeping Act and Freedom of Information and
    Protection of Privacy Act. Mr. Fedeli and Mr. Leone allege that this was done as part of an
    130 ongoing cover-up of the scandal by the provincial government into the cancellation of the
    Oakville and Mississauga gas plants.

    In 2004, the Ontario government announced its intention to close down all of the coal generating
    power plants and replace them with environmentally cleaner [sic] power generating power plants. In order
    to achieve this objective, [sic] the Liberal Government of Premier Dalton McGuinty issued a request
    for proposal from energy producers for 2500 MW (megawatts) using cleaner [sic] sources, which
    included natural gas. There were no requirements for the proposed power sources to be located
    in the same area as any of the coal fired plants scheduled to be closed. However, the request for
    proposals favored bidders who were proposing a plant located in the Greater Toronto Area

    140 On December 9th 2004, the government passed the Electricity Restructuring Act which
    established the Ontario Power Authority as the province energy planner.

    on the 6th of October 2011, the Liberal Party won the provincial election and formed a minority
    government. The Liberal Party won the seat in Mississauga. Even though [sic] they made the same
    promise during the election, the opposing parties accused the Liberal Party of cancelling the
    power plant only to secure a [sic] seat in Parliamanent.


  4. Perhaps now Liberal voters will have no choice but to accept the fact that they support a bunch of crooks. We have been trying to tell them that for the past 6 years in the fight of the Green Energy Act.Sadly some will say Mike Harris and go back blindly supporting their own little gravy train. Seen the new sunshine list?

  5. Here is a video that shows how much money was wasted on the gas plant cancellations and how most people from Toronto have no idea of the gas plan scandal (and even less about the Green Energy Act’s impact).

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