Selling out

South Kent Wind Samsung Pattern Chatham Kent Harwich Road

South Kent Wind Samsung Pattern Chatham Kent Harwich Road

John Miner, London Free Press
Cashing in or selling out? In an unprecedented deal that could become standard fare under new provincial rules for green energy projects, a Southwestern Ontario township could rake in more than $5 million if it gives its blessing to a wind-farm plan.

But at least one opposition group says Southgate, near Mount Forest, would be selling out its residents and principles if it agrees to willingly host wind turbines and solar installations.

Southgate Township has been offered a deal with Samsung in which the company would make annual payments that would total $5.1 million over 20 years in exchange for a council resolution expressing support for a wind and solar farm within its boundaries. Read article

One thought on “Selling out

  1. No amount of money, possibly short of the total asking price, plus relocation expenses, of each and every effected area resident & all other associated losses which come with the devastation caused by the installation of useless IWTs & solar. So, that offer would need 4 more 0s, plus. 50.1 Billion, not 5.1 million.
    Their footprint / devastation is not limited to 20 yrs. It doesn’t just suddenly stop . They don’t remove the concrete footings, roads, etc., fluff up the top soil & all’s back to it’s original state. Then there’s all the hazardous waste to dispose of from the solar panels/nacelles and such.One could go on & on.
    Don’t do it Southgate! Their arrogant offer sucks

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