Wind turbine meeting ends with OPP investigation

NO NexteraLondon Community News, By Scott Nixon
SOUTH HURON — Those who attended the March 17 South Huron council meeting got more than they bargained for when a loud argument broke out during a break in the meeting.

Members of the public opposed to the industrial wind turbine projects coming to South Huron filled the council chambers gallery to listen to two speakers — South Huron residents James Corcoran and Randy Yearley — give separate presentations voicing their concerns about wind turbines.

After their presentations, Mayor George Robertson called for a recess. As the public spilled out into the hallway an argument broke out on the stairway. Obscene language was used and tempers escalated while Robertson — a retired police officer — and three security members with Municipal Enforcement Unit, who were in attendance for another matter, escorted those involved outside.

Also in attendance at the meeting was a representative of NextEra Energy Canada, the company overseeing two wind turbine projects in the area. As she was trying to descend the stairs at town hall, she was blocked by the anti-wind turbine protestors, some of whom used obscene language. She asked to be allowed to leave the building, but a few protestors continued to block her way and yell at her. Read article

21 thoughts on “Wind turbine meeting ends with OPP investigation

  1. “we don’t condone violence, be that verbal or physical,” Nextera Energy Canada spokesman Steve Stengel told the Exeter Times-Advocate”. Blocking her way and yelling is violence?? It doesn’t sound like she was touched.

    • Yes yelling and restricting movement of another IS violence. You don’t need to “touch” someone. Think on that please.

  2. No different than having OPP come to your home asking whether you are planning to protest against the wind developers ribbon cutting ceremony. Or how about the onslaught of a toxic home the wind developer likes to impose on residents with sleep disturbing noise. Can that be considered violence?

    • yes, and we don’t condone assault in our community either, NexTerror:
      Wikipedia: “In common law, assault is the act of creating apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact with a person.”

  3. I think NexTerror knew what they were getting into once people started to a oppose the turbines!! – I don’t condone violence but this company took down a eagles’ nest in Selkirik Ontario!!need I say more!! I honestly believe that these companies thought that we were going to be complacent !!!! and we are not!!!

    • NexTerror and all these foreign companies expect rural Canadian’s to be compliant hosts and complacent. It is well known that Canadian’s are just too nice and let people walk all over them.

      • You got that RIGHT 100% – most Canadians will complain and then say what can I do – well they better start getting plugged in because people are definitely being pushed beyond their limits!!! prices of hydro, gas, food and situations like re Wind Turbines have just gotten out of hand!!

    • What I want to know is if there is a criminal investigation concerning the eagles nest destruction? There is such a thing as the Canada Wildlife Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. W-9) which is in place to prevent this kind of mindless destruction. Or maybe I should suggest the Endangered Species Act, 2007 S.O. 2007, CHAPTER 6. The so-called “Green Energy Act” is anything but “GREEN” and we need to shed light on these atrocities not only province wide, but WORLD-WIDE!
      OPP stop wasting our tax dollars investigating “violent” protest and look into these clearly illegal actions taken by IWT companies and the Ministers in cabinet that are “approving” sites in delicate, protected ecosystems.

      • Hi Dave!! no there has been no investigation regarding the taking down of the eagles nest!! – I will go one even better!! the MNR states that it was placed in another area!!! – right and pigs fly!!!! – I am currently badgering the Premiers’ office and the energy ministers; office for a name as to who gave the AOK to take down the eagles’ nest in Selkirk Ontario!! !! – this government has to go!!

      • Hi Dave!!!! no investigation has gone on re the taking down of the eagles nest!! – I can do you one better the MNR states that they relocated the nest!! right when pigs fly!!! – as far as I am concerned the MNR is useless!!!!!! – this government has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Expect more of this. This is what happens when people are pushed past their limits. Violence in one form or another erupts. People are frustrated and feel betrayed as their rights have been stripped away. Realistically, what is left for them to do? Righting letters to the blind? Voicing their opinions to the deaf? The law is so overtly slanted in the favour of your opponent. Your government is in on it at just about every level. Conspiracy is blatant. Really…what is left? This level of frustration can make people violent. Good people. Honest people. A natural and primitive reaction to the feeling of helplessness.

  5. When IWT developers can get the support of parties like POTUS then they can become very agressive.

  6. Press charges? for what? Because they hurt her feelings. There was no crime committed. If they tied to her to the back of a pickup truck and dragged her though town, then I would say that they may have went too far. The lowlife scumbags from Next Era come to this country, violate numerous environmental laws with impunity, threaten poor landowners with their slew of overpriced, ambulance chasing Toronto attorneys, bribe local and provincial politicians, and then have the nerve to tell the people how they should react.

  7. If police ask to speak to you, you do not have to respond. Just politely ask them, “Am I free to go?”. I’ve had to use this a few times in the wind protests, and the answer from them has always been, “yes” and therefor my name does not have some report attached to it for non-crimal activity, or whatever ‘report’ it is they wanted to fill out. No, the police aren’t always your enemy – sometimes they help, sometimes they protect. But sometimes they don’t. You have to know your rights, and exercise them.

  8. Police are great when they are as a peace officer. Otherwise they are becoming more militarized and becoming more of an officer on duty to collect currency from your pockets. It has become obvious when you just look back at the T.O summit were they are protecting the criminals inside and not helping the men and women that pay there wages and throwing inocent people in cages all pre made for this event.
    Just look back in the old days when cops were protecting the public and were very helpful,not so much anymore.

    Criminals are the ones now running your provinces installing acts of war against the public using the dogs for there protection.
    I am not for verbal abuse nor any harm against another wo man. But this whole IWT needs an investigation of fraud and with our name fraud which nobody wants to touch.
    Tesla invented free energy over 60 years ago and the fraudsters in power and to this day still will not let the cat out of the bag, because the power that be states that it cannot be metered so no money cannot be made on free energy. Now people, if we have this, we would not be in such state of affairs.
    Our lives would be much more plentiful and dam well near dream green.
    Do any of you really grasp this crime? Were are the so called police.criminal inspectors,judges,and your voted slackers ??

  9. Well hopefully we won’t see her again. Takes a lot of balls to show up at a town hall supporting turbine’s especially in rural Ontario and let people know you work for a wind company. Wish I was there, Going forward these meetings are going to get LOUD now the turbines are popping up in Grand bend up to Goderich. Nex era and the Liberals have completely destroyed the Ontario we once had .
    People are NOT Happy down right Pissed off

  10. Watch the tone of the media reports from,

    Metroland Media Group Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Torstar Corporation

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