Suncor defends swan study

March 24 2013- Thedford Bog, Lambton Shores - Nextera Jericho and Goshen Projects (92+64 turbines) will surround the bog.Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
A Plympton-Wyoming group opposing Suncor Energy’s plans to build a wind farm in their community says the company’s study of the potential impact on migrating tundra swans is inadequate. But, the company says it met provincial requirements in its application for environmental approval for the 46-turbine Cedar Point Wind Energy Project.

That application is currently being reviewed by Ontario’s Ministry of Environment. “As part of the application for ministry approval, Suncor completed a natural heritage assessment to assess any potential impacts to significant habitat necessary to sustain wildlife, including birds,” said ministry spokesperson Kate Jordan.

That assessment will be considered as part of the review, she said. “No decisions on the proposal has been made,”Jordan added. Read article

2 thoughts on “Suncor defends swan study

  1. Yes they met provincial requirements,but this fictional corporation has not met the public (the CEOs of the communities) requirements and will not address that we just do not want them,PERIOD!
    And tell me who is the CEOs and who is the servants of the public?
    Any guesses?

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