K2 Substation’s Newest Safety Device

K2 site newest safety addition a life preserver.

… a life preserver.

Samsung Pattern Energy Project

“Check this out.  Again, ya can’t make this stuff up, not even on April Fool’s Day. Next to Shawn and Trish Drennan’s sits a small lake created by K2 Samsung Pattern’s digging for a turbine substation.  They were warned there would be a problem with water.  K2 has been trucking tankers of water out of there for weeks now, at great cost to themselves.”

3 thoughts on “K2 Substation’s Newest Safety Device

  1. I’m thinking it is likely at more cost to all of us in Ontario. What’s the MOE’s solution to this nightmare? What, they aren’t answering calls?? And ACW can’t help….they took the bribe…oops, I mean ‘vibe’rancy money.

  2. Look what Pattern Energy has done to the people of Ocotillo, CA. Should anyone be surprised by this?

  3. Maybe photos should be sent to California to let people there know they are not the only ones who are victims of this company?

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