Libs’ green dream now a nightmare

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The biggest scandal of the Kathleen Wynne/Dalton McGuinty Liberal government of Ontario — the cancelled gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga — stems directly from its disastrous blunder into green energy. The legacy of this foolish, reckless decision is now a criminal investigation that extends into the premier’s office, as well as billions of wasted dollars that will have to be paid by Ontarians for decades to come.

The controversy besmirches what the Wynne/McGuinty Liberals claim as one of their proudest achievements — their elimination of coal-fired plants to produce electricity, replacing it, they say, with cleaner, greener wind and solar power. That claim is nonsense. Wind and solar power can’t replace coal because they can’t provide base load power on demand to the electricity grid.

Aside from being outrageously expensive — wind and solar are only economically viable with massive public subsidies, costing billions of dollars, which taxpayers and hydro consumers will be paying for decades to come — they are also notoriously unreliable. Read article

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  1. Click read article then also read article by Christina Blizzard! Judging by the comments, urban eyes are wide open now! Libs are toast! Some comments demand jail time for key Lieberals!
    Just like Lorrie says, “you can’t make this crap up”

  2. Urban voters are more likely to vote NDP than PC so this is no solution.

    Urban votes don’t know that the NDP is in bed with the Bluegreen Allaince and they are pushing IWTs as much as the developers are who are also in bed with environmental groups.

    • If they think about it for a minute, they will see Horwath has propped up the Liberals for over 2 years now, allowing many more IWT to begin construction. This includes the mammoth K2 project which could have been stopped with a moratorium resolution. Of course NDP voted solidly against the motion, twice I believe.

  3. Problem is they don’t think!

    Most industrial union members are urbanites who have been convinced that renewable energy projects will provide jobs for them and produce cheap electricity to run other industries.

    Transmission lines/
    towers and solar panel framework use lots of steel and provide construction jobs. But these are not long term jobs.

  4. Until a government is elected in Ontario that will stop this nonsense this will continue.

    So people shoud start thinking about what to do if the next election dosen’t result in a government that will stop this nonsense.

    It’s better to be prepared ahead of time than to have to scramble around after something happens.

  5. The power and construction union members working at Bruce Nuclear certainly don’t buy into Lib/NDP fantasies for green jobs. Some of them are among the victims of the CAW green turbine in Port Elgin. Comments I have read from some CAW members suggests rank and file also do not buy into the Lib/CAW partnership. Probably the public sector health and teacher unions are more influential with the Liberals and NDP than industrial unions these days.

  6. The only thing I’d change is this comment:

    Because the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow — and even when it does blow the wind doesn’t always blow at the right speed, or time — wind and solar power have to be backed up by energy generated by fossil fuels; and when the wind is blowing when we don’t need the power, often the surplus is exported and the taxpayer has to pay for the loss.

    I added the bolded comments.

  7. Thank you Sceptical Gord! So happy this article was in the Globe and Mail and rightly so, the business minds read the G&M. I do have faith that once something triggers people to question something they thought they could trust, a feeding frenzy ensues! People get angry, action happens especially in an election. Headlines dominate the conversations. Barb wisely says we should have a plan in case what we want does not materialize. Well, I for one have a plan! Us baby boomers worked too hard for too long to allow a totalitarian system to break us! We will revolt the likes of which has never been seen in Ontario! Take that to the bank baby cakes because I predict that the Ontario that is leading the way and has in only 4 years time brought lightness where there was darkness will lead Europe out of darkness as well. Remember this absolute: “Out of chaos comes order and out of adversity comes strength.” Been there, done that and am smoking ready to fight on. If you are reading this, SO ARE YOU!

  8. The rank and file union members don’t determine union policy nor do they have contacts with elected officials.

    If people don’t want to believe that there is a BlueGreen Alliance then so be it.

    • You’ve got it right about union members not determining policy. Anti Hudak cards were passed out in my plant. They made the arguement that Hudak was not a good leader for the province because he won’t support doling out money to auto makers. I wrote on the back of a few of them: Why support corporate welfare bums? David Lewis, a past federal NDP leader, had used that as a slogan back in the 70’s.

      • The upside of this is that the leaders cannot deliver the votes of the members as they did in the past; I have seen many disgruntled comments about the out of touch leadership of the CAW.

      • Unions are the best exporters of jobs. It would be interesting to see all the high paying union executives on a Sunshine List! I’m sure the workers would be surprised at their income, as I don’t believe it’s being disclosed to the membership.

  9. These Crocks will never see jail, unfortunately Politicians are all crooks, no matter what party.. god help the future generation.. .,

    • The main problem I see in Ontario at least, is not that all politicians are crooks John, but that most voters seem to be fine with major corruption, why else would they continue re-electing these NDP/Liberals, who’re the worst, most corrupt prov. gov. in Canadian history? They believe their re-election promises time after time even though they have been all lies each and every time save once, which we now refer to as the “Gas Plants Scandals”, and Seat Saver Program for none other than finance minister Charles Sousa among others! No, we can only blame McGuinty for his first broken promises and failed mandate. That was a loud and clear warning not to re-elect him but voters were blind and obviously & quite frighteningly, it appears they remain so.
      Until Ontario voters wake up / smarten up, learn to fire Lieing pols., not re-elect them, we are doomed to have corrupt governments like these NDP/Libs.
      Time to elect Tim Hudak with a majority & put Liberals out to pasture (if their is any left between all their useless turbines) for at least 20 yrs. put their NDP backers with them.
      Who knows, maybe Timmy will be the first honest politician you’ve seen John.
      That’d be great as he has a great platform and wide open agenda!

      • Hi Doug I fully agree with you I am with Tim Hudak all the way!! – if the people of Ontario cannot see what the heck the Liberals have done to Ontario there truly is something wrong!!! – I have along with everyone else in this province watched what the Liberals have done!! nothing more than rape the people of their money and rights!!! – give them the boot!!! – as I mentioned before everyone email Ezra Levant at Sun News lets try to get all of the expose we can!!!!!!!!!! f

  10. Hudak at times seems to waffle on IWT issues.
    So what is causing him to waffle?
    The big conservative money raising machine is run by Gerstein and maybe a couple of others. And Gerstein is involved in the IWT business.

    Then there is Capital Power Corp. out of Alberta that has an interlocking board relationship with Stantec and a company member on the OPG Board. Now a direct link with big conservative Gerstein has been identified to CPC.

    So what are rural Ontarians supposed to think about these situations?

    • The only thing that I am going to say about Tim Hudak waffling!! no one is perfect!! I live in rural Ontario!! and honestly Ontario cannot afford another Liberal government!! and the NDP goes back on their word all of the time!!! – so lets get the Liberals out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. Rural Ontarians need to know what is taking place behind the scenes.

    Toronto Sun, Nov.29,2013
    “Conservatives stand by their money man Irving Gerstein”
    Go to:
    Search: enter Irving Gerstein

    Money can influence many decisions or money can be withheld if the “right” decisions are not made.

  12. Awareness Into Action
    “Green Litigation: The potential pitfalls surrounding green construction”
    Sustainable designs are in their infancy and could fail later and then be subjected to lawsuits.

    The more people know about these kinds of issues the better off they will be.There are more articles on the internet about these issues.

    Urbanites can be sold on green roof tops but not rural people because rural people know what is required to grow plants.

  13. Daily Herald, March 6, 2013, St.Charles,IL

    “St Charles firm sues for $13M after green roof collapse in 2011”

    A 500-foot-by 60-foot section of sloped roof that contained prarie grasses and other plants collapsed Feb.13,2011.

    The damage resulted in a $13M payout by the insurance carrier.

    Green roof insurance must be quite costly now?

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