Tagging ducks a worthy project

turbines-birdsChatham Daily News, by Peter Epp
[excerpt] The Lake St. Clair wetlands are an important part of the overall natural infrastructure that supports waterfowl such as ducks. Lake St. Clair, along with Rondeau Bay, provide an important habitat for the millions of migrating waterfowl that use both the Mississippi and the Atlantic flyways. Ironically, it was Kingsville’s Jack Miner who helped uncover those flyways. Miner started banding geese in 1909. That very first year, the original band was recovered in South Carolina.

Within 10 years, Miner’s banding program had included thousands of geese and ducks, and helped society discover the ancient migratory pathways used by waterfowl and other birds. It was learned that Canadian geese, for example, flew as far south as the Gulf Coast states during the winter, and as far north as Baffin Island in the summer. Miner’s work eventually led to the U.S. Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, which made it unlawful to capture, sell or kill certain migratory birds in the United States, Canada, Mexico and three other nations.

But what Jack Miner couldn’t have anticipated 100 years ago was the development of hundreds of wind turbines in Ontario, with many of them located precisely in the migratory path of waterfowl. The Long Point Waterfowl study will also examine the impact that wind turbines have had on the movement of mallard ducks. Given the continuing controversy that exists over wind turbines in this province, that part of the study will probably carry the most interest. Read article

5 thoughts on “Tagging ducks a worthy project

  1. As usual, the gov’t always puts the horse before the cart. Turbines have been situated all along the Fall migratory flyways along Lake Erie; how can there not be issues.

  2. The IWT scam can be helped along by NOT having done things as well as doing things to promote this scam.

  3. And when the duck carcasses litter the field? — and they will…

    Probably the only worthwhile response is to share recipes for Roast Duck a l’orange.

    Maybe Kathleen Wynne can kick off the drive to find a use for the carcasses that will soon decorate the fields. Does she have a better recipe?

    Let’s face it folks — we need to quit complaining ans make a positive contribution here…

    We can serve it to our city visitors!

    Maybe we should roast the first carcasses and serve it at the legislature — just be prepared to be arrested for unlawful use of turbine-kill — out of season!

    Maybe Roast Duck stuffed with wild mushrooms and Trillium bulbs — very tasty I hear!

    • Barbecue at Queens Park anyone?

      Could make an interesting protest — serving up barbecued IWT kill… Could be quite tasty as well and provide food for many…

      Easy as Duck Soup!

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