Tundra Swans have arrived. So have NexTerror’s Turbines.

swans bluewater

NextEra Bluewater Project going up (above), as is the Bornish and Adelaide this spring.

Thedford bog swan turbine map

13 thoughts on “Tundra Swans have arrived. So have NexTerror’s Turbines.

  1. so I am wondering if anyone has taken on the responsibility of counting sky kill of these spectacular creatures? we need photos to send around the world…I am so very tired of NextError…

  2. Wicked men…for the love of money, pursue a wicked way! They and their accommodating government silently pursuing federal money will receive an ultimate sentence when Judgment Day puts their whimper in a cage, and drops it permanently in a deep firey casm

  3. Probably the only worthwhile response is to share recipes for Swan a l’orange.

    Maybe Kathleen Wynne can kick off the drive to find a use for the carcasses that will soon decorate the fields.

  4. “The further a society drifts from the TRUTH, the more it will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell. To be ethical is to endeavour to find one’s proper place in the larger scheme of things rather than to seek to assert human superiority over the Natural world. WE MUST STOP THESE POISONOUS, MURDEROUS, CORRUPT, INEFFICIENT, NON RECYCLABLE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. PERIOD.

  5. EPA accused of stonewalling records requests from conservative groups

    ‘[excerpt] A conservative legal group filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday, accusing the agency of stonewalling records requests and engaging in political bias when granting fee waivers for documents.

    The Washington, D.C.-based Energy & Environment Legal Institute filed the suit in U.S. District Court in an attempt to force the EPA to turn over records related to the agency’s controversial veto of a permit for a coal mine in West Virginia.

    The group claims it was blocked from accessing records under the Freedom of Information Act about the permit decision, which was based on the EPA’s assertion that surface mining is harmful to mayfly populations, according to a news release.

    “[The] EPA’s push to protect the mayfly is not about cleaning up the environment, but an obsession with shutting down coal in America,” said Chris Horner, the group’s legal counsel. “[The Obama] administration vowed to ‘bankrupt’ the coal industry, plainly an ideological move but one with grave human consequences.”‘

  6. Didn’t roast swan used to be reserved for kings to dine on? But the IWT chopped up ones could be used for soup to serve to the lesser ones involved in IWTs.

  7. Nextera Energy & “Fraudulent Concealment”

    “Utility alleges fraud in deal with wind farm near Cut Bank”

    ‘[excerpt] A California utility that invested in a Montana wind farm has accused the developer of fraudulently concealing that federal wildlife officials recommended the project get a permit in case it harms eagles.

    SDG&E said in court documents filed Friday in California Superior Court that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recommended NaturEner get a wildlife “take permit” so the company would not be in violation of federal law if any birds were killed at Rim Rock.

    Passages of emails between federal officials in which they discuss the need for a permit were submitted to back the claim. The utility’s lawyers said NaturEner concealed such information to induce SDG&E to invest $285 million in Rim Rock and buy renewable energy tax credits.

    “NaturEner concealed and intentionally omitted information,” SDG&E attorney J. Michael Hennigan wrote. He added that NaturEner “acquired SDG&E money, and caused SDG&E to incur expenses, through its unfair and fraudulent business practices.”’

  8. Our once “vibrant” Province has been hijacked by a very corrupt and evil group of politicians and greedy industrialists. Their monuments of their actions will be visible long after they are gone and they are called “wind turbines”!!!!
    Shame on them all!!!!!

  9. Then some of these same swans will have to fly through all the IWTs in the Michigan Thumb to reach the Saginaw Bay for a rest before flying north. Same return route in the fall.

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