Legal claim drafted against wind company

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LISTOWEL – Residents in the community are taking legal action against a proposed wind energy project for North Perth and Perth East in hopes of keeping the development out of their backyards.

A community meeting was held at the Listowel Agricultural Hall on March 28, where organizer Karen Galbraith spoke to residents on the development of a draft legal claim against Invenergy Canada. Seventeen property owners have already joined the draft legal claim, Galbraith said, which was initiated after a meeting with Toronto lawyer Eric Gillespie last August. Gillespie has handled a number of cases against wind companies, fighting for residents who believe the proximity of wind turbines causes a drop in property value.

Galbraith said the legal action is still very preliminary, but feels the interest from residents is encouraging. “To have that amount of interest in a preliminary draft legal claim, is I think very positive for our community,” she said. “The more we have that can participate, it’s a stronger force against the whole project.” Read article

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  1. When Invenergy comes up then people should remember that this company is located in Chicago and then remember the connections this company has to POTUS.

  2. Barbara: I can’t help but laugh about you bringing up the President Obama into this. I can tell if you were an American you’d be a Republican. There’s still a lot of them Republican’s that still haven’t come to grips that there’s a black couple in the White House.

    • Just an observer………….

      Excuse me, I am an American. I am free to choose whether I’m a Dem, Rep, or just plain Independent……….
      My first mistake….. was voting for One Big Ass Mistake America, the first time. I did NOT vote the second time that way.( fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me ! )
      IF, I HAD TO CHOOSE, I would be a Republican. ( because they probably would only allow the choice of a Dem or Rep) From experience on those “phone call polls”, they never ask if you are an Independent.
      Shooting Bull, said it perfectly below.

      And just for your info file, I once lived in ONTARIO, CANADA.

      Quit being a player and using that frigging race card. It’s unbecoming to intelligent people.
      IWT’s have NOTHING to do with the color of the POTUS, or lack of !!!

      We need to WORK TOGETHER, as citizens of the EARTH to save our ourselves and our future !!!

  3. To Just an Observer – First of all, Obama is half white. Second, democrats have historically failed to appoint blacks to cabinet positions in the white house. The first black to become Secretary of State, Colin Powell, was appointed by a republican. The Secretary of State is the most important cabinet position. The second black appointed to Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, also appointed by a republican. Both Powell and Rice were popular among republicans. The trouble republicans have with POTUS is his progressive liberal policies which is why the republicans did not like Carter and Clinton. However, Obama, like many democrats, have done more to polarize the United States by bringing race into an issue rather than argue the facts, like you just did. Of course, its easier to cry race when you can’t argue the facts. Barbara is right when she says Invenergy has connections to POTUS.

  4. To begin with this is not about race but about MONEY.

    Why don’t you do some tracking of the connections in this IWT affair?

  5. That’s a great idea, Barb!

    ‘[excerpt] Wind energy businessman convicted of defrauding investors

    MINNESOTA – A federal jury convicted a wind energy company’s founder for overselling a Minnesota project to investors and not telling them that he was under criminal investigation.

    Gregory Joseph Jaunich, 52 of North Oaks, was found guilty of five counts of mail fraud, Minnesota’s U.S. Attorney’s office said Wednesday.

    From October 2006 through January 2007, Jaunich use $1.5 million from investors to pay for personal expenses and projects other than the Clay County wind project he was pitching through his company, Averill Wind.

    Prosecutors said he lied about progress on the project and didn’t tell investors that the feds were investigating whether he fraudulently overbilled Xcel Energy for wind energy production.

    Jaunich was previously president and CEO of Minneapolis-based Navitas Energy Inc., which did business with Xcel.

    To keep the scheme going, he mailed misleading letters to Averill investors in 2007 and 2008.

    Each count of mail fraud is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. U.S. District Judge John Tunheim will sentence him at a hearing that has not yet been scheduled.

    Jaunich was sentenced to 21 months in prison in the Xcel overbilling case, the Star Tribune reported.’

    Source: Gregory Joseph Jaunich convicted of defrauding Averill Wind investors | Jim Hammerand, Digital editor- Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal | Apr 2, 2014 |

    • A little help from the feds!……..
      Courtesy Memo: ‘Don’t forget you can get a permit ‘to kill’;
      count your kill,
      and, prevent getting sued.’

      ‘[excerpt] SDG&E has suffered from buyer’s remorse, Ferguson said, as prices have fallen for the renewable energy credits the utility was obligated to purchase under its contract.

      The government emails cited by the utility in its fraud allegation were dismissed by NaturEner as internal Fish and Wildlife Service communications that had been taken out of context.

      Ferguson said wildlife officials told NaturEner that it was ultimately up to the company to decide if it wanted to pursue a permit allowing it to take eagles or other birds.

      Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Leith Edgar said he could not immediately respond to the conflicting arguments.’

      ‘[excerpt] SDG&E said in court documents filed Friday in California Superior Court that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recommended NaturEner get a wildlife “take permit” so the company would not be in violation of federal law if any birds were killed at Rim Rock.’

      Read more here:

  6. Ella,
    Since both parties are in on the IWT fiasco in Michigan, it mkaes the situation much more difficult to deal with.
    And both parties were needed to put this over so likey not by accident. Same thing in other countries.

  7. Ella,
    Wind On The Wires
    Appears to be an umbrella organization.
    Members include:
    National Resources Defense Council
    NextEra Energy
    National Farmers Union
    Board members from:
    National Resources Defense Council

    A another example of these parties being in this togther.

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