Southgate Samsung Project Dead

not a willing hostBayshore Broadcasting, Jon Meyer
The large wind turbine project in Southgate has apparently been stopped. Mayor Brian Milne says the Samsung, Pattern Energy project needed willing host status from the Township to move ahead.

At last night’s meeting, Milne says Council voted unanimously to stop the wind project by declaring itself an unwilling host. Milne says there was no way the township could resolve a number of issues it had with the project, without more control. He says it was apparent the project would tear the community apart. Samsung needed willing host status to move ahead with its 50 turbine, 120-megawatt wind farm proposal.

Milne applauds the Province for giving them that out clause, and the ability to say no. But Milne wishes the Province gave them site plan control.  Instead, he says council had to say yes, with no conditions. Read article and listen

8 thoughts on “Southgate Samsung Project Dead

  1. I don’t believe for one minute that this is the end of the story.

    According to Mayor Brian Milne, he and his council have veto power over wind projects.

    Unless I’ve missed something, I don’t believe the province has given them or any other municipality this authority.

    Also, I’m under the impression that Southgate Twp. would like to renegotiate with Samsung and return to the bargaining table. It sounds a lot like they’ve left the door ajar.

    Hopefully I’m wrong, paranoid and unnecessarily sceptical about all of the above …

    • Chiarelli has been quoted a couple of times that projects wouldn’t be forced on unwilling communities, meaning possibly , a strong Not Willing Host petition might stave off developers, He seems to have talked himself into a box, but I don’t know what he really means. It is only for new contracts so a lot of communities are out of luck.

      It certainly doesn’t hurt to have such a petition handy, and Chiarelli’s comments are on record, but it is not a guarantee of anything, only a hope.

      • Sad – but, true
        Mr. Chiarelli does not have
        an original thought of his own.

  2. The light in the tunnel is that of the Wynne gravy train..plowing through the darkness! Stay diligent to disbelief, until the whole FITprogram is officially scrapped, and promised federal energy incentives are also altered to zero!

  3. Only – ‘apparently’
    ‘[excerpt] The large wind turbine project in Southgate has apparently been stopped.’

    The whole article gives me a head-ache.
    Only stupid writes stupid.

    • More – because it’s an election year – and, we love you!

      5Million divided by 20 = 750 (missing something?)…….
      but, who cares about math & money.
      ‘[excerpt] Milne said the promise of an additional $750,000 of additional revenue into the municipal coffers over the next 20 years was very tempting but in the end money wasn’t the most important thing.

      “At the end of the day there were a great number of people in the community that for them it didn’t matter about the money. . . .” he said.

      The unwilling status only applies to the wind energy project and does not affect Samsung’s proposed 50-megawatt solar energy projects planned for the former Egremont township.

      Coun. Kim Peeters, a strong advocate of getting more information about the proposed wind project before making a decision, complimented Milne on his strong show of leadership.

      “I was just telling Brian that I congratulated him on his conviction of doing that. I think it took a lot of guts to that. Maybe he realized just the amount of concern people had. Good on him for doing that,” Peeters said.

      ‘Pay to play’ – is nothing new…….
      but this writer seems to think – it’s a first…or, would like you – to think
      it’s a first.

  4. Just a pipe dream. Even an ERT can’t stop the TERROR. GEA is designed to force any green project forward. Even our disfunctional grid system can’t stop it. Sad but true. As long as the Liberals are in power we are doomed. And by now even Hudak can’t save us. Provincial Bankrupcy be the only hope to get out of these contracts.

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