Wind Turbines and Autism – Sarah Hornblower

Wind Turbines proposed around Sarah Hornlower’s home: 92 NextEra turbines (Jericho Project), 44 Suncor turbines(Cedar Point Project).

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  1. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

    Alec N. Salt and Jeffrey T. Lichtenhan, “How does wind turbine noise affect people?” Acoustics Today, vol. 10 (Winter 2014), pp. 20-28.

    ‘[excerpt] From this understanding we conclude that very low frequency
    sounds and infrasound, at levels well below those that are
    heard, readily stimulate the cochlea. Low frequency sounds
    and infrasound from wind turbines can therefore stimulate
    the ear at levels well below those that are heard.’

    [excerpt] In the coming years, as we experiment to better understand
    the effects of prolonged low-frequency sound on humans, it
    will be possible to reassess the roles played by acousticians
    and professional groups who partner with the wind industry.
    Given the present evidence, it seems risky at best to continue
    the current gamble that infrasound stimulation of the ear
    stays confined to the ear and has no other effects on the body.
    For this to be true, all the mechanisms we have outlined (lowfrequency-
    induced amplitude modulation, low frequency
    sound-induced endolymph volume changes, infrasound
    stimulation of type II afferent nerves, infrasound exacerbation
    of noise-induced damage and direct infrasound stimulation
    of vestibular organs) would have to be insignificant. We know
    this is highly unlikely and we anticipate novel findings in the
    coming years that will influence the debate.
    From our perspective, based on our knowledge of the physiology
    of the ear, we agree with the insight of Nancy Timmerman
    that the time has come to “acknowledge the problem and
    work to eliminate it”.’

  2. Do NOT scream! You are “properly horrified!”

    There are two Josie’s at Nextera?

    ‘[excerpt] Nextera Energy Canada is still on track to begin constructing 14 wind turbines near Priceville this summer, after Grey County council granted a trio of approvals Tuesday, says company spokeswoman Josie Bird.’

    What happened to Ms. Hernandez?

      • Divorced Mr. Hernandez or married Mr. Bird … either way a loser.

      • “Gord and his adding machine.”
        “We put these two negatives together, and…”

        We are absolutely positive – they are guilty.

        Now, let us get back to speculating —
        what happened to Ms. Hernandez!!!

      • Hey S & D, maybe this Bird knows what happened to Ms. Hernandez?

        Please be advised an application has been made to the Ministry of the Environment to make modifications to the Bow Lake Wind Project design. The proposed change includes the addition of temporary portable generator sets during construction and a backup generator during operation, as well as a modification to the project location to include the addition of a fibre optic communication line. Notices of this change have been mailed to project stakeholders and the public. For further information, review the notice and the REA Amendment Modification Report listed in Regulatory Approvals and Documents.
        To learn more about the project proposal or to communicate concerns please contact:

        Tom Bird
        Regulatory Lead
        Bow Lake Wind Farm
        34 Harvard Rd.
        Guelph, ON N1G 4V8

        Telephone: 1-844-214-8211
        Project Email:
        Project Website:

  3. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Canada’s Role

    “Canada played an instrumental role in drafting and promoting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention outlines the responsibilities governments have to ensure a child’s right to survival, healthy development, protection and participation in all matters that affect them. The four general principles of the Convention are: non-discrimination, the best interests of the child, the right to life, survival and development, and respect for the views of the child. [1] Public Health Agency of Canada”

    Article 3 Competence, Safety, Health
    Article 6 Development of the child
    Article 19 Injury, Negligent treatment, Maltreatment
    Article 24 Environmental pollution, Parents and children, are informed
    Article 29 Fullest Potential
    Article 31 The Right to Rest and Leisure

  4. The UN is in at least up to the neck in the IWT fiasco. So no point in relying on the UN.
    Those who support things like “green” roofs that can collapse and kill people don’t care about people and this includes the present government that supports these kinds of things.

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