Plug pulled on wind power in Manitoba

offshore_windWinnipeg Free Press, by Bruce Owen
More wind power might not be on the table for Manitoba Hydro now, but it has looked at the possibility of building a 100-megawatt wind farm not near Lake Manitoba, but in it. Like offshore wind turbines in Europe and the United Kingdom, Hydro has looked at locating massive wind turbines in Canada’s 13th-largest lake, taking up 2,000 to 4,000 hectares.

In a report to the Public Utilities Board, Hydro says there are drawbacks: The lack of experience with it in North America (there are no offshore wind farms in North America); The high cost of integrating it with the grid with underwater cables and; Dealing with winter ice. A 2012 best-guess estimate says it would cost $400-$760 million. Read article

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    • I read yours and Barbara’s comments all the time. Maybe the uninformed are starting to become aware. revamped its website 3 weeks ago. In that short period of time, there have been 59,000 visitors and 5100 Facebook likes. People are also tweeting it. I see the GBYC webcam site just posted it also.
      Maybe it took a simple explanation such as this site to get people interested.

  1. Manitoba Hydro is a crown corporation of the Manitoba Government. The Manitoba Government is NDP. Whenever the day comes to look at renewable energy wether it be solar or wind it will be done by Manitoba Hydro. The NDP likes to control as much of the economy as possible and have a built in dislike of free enterprise and investor owned businesses.
    One can draw a few similar characteristics between Manitoba Hydro and a Hydro One/OPG like lots of employees and nepotism being alive and well. I suspect though Manitoba Hydro would not have 62% of it’s employees making over 100,000 a year like we have.
    However,we are now fortunate that Sandra Pupatello and Bernard Lord have taken over. Sandra will be cleaning house immediately to prove to Tim Hudak, when he replaces no- Wynne , that her appointment the right one.

  2. The present Manitoba plan is to develop hydroelectric power to sell to the U.S. which will replace coal fired U.S. plants and to make a profit doing this.
    The question is can a profit be made by doing this or will the people of Manitoba be stuck with the costs?
    Hydroelectric is a reliable source of electricity to sell and wind is not.

  3. Manitoba Hydro
    Improving Reliability Section:
    Due to the heavy reliance on one transmission corridor and a single converter station the system is vulnerable to extensive power outages from severe weather, fires or other events.

    Site also has information on the proposed new hydro projects and their costs.

    Using long distance transmission lines involves considerable risk which the present Ontario government won’t admit to.

    • Warburg Pincus – Portfolio

      Competitive Power Ventures Holdings, LLC is a Silver Spring, Maryland-based independent power developer with a portfolio of over 7,500 megawatts of wind and gas assets in North America. The company also has an asset management arm, through which it manages a sizable portfolio of power plants nationwide. The management team is led by CEO Douglas Egan and President Gary Lambert, both of whom have extensive independent power project development experience and were part of J. Makowski Company, Inc., a former Warburg Pincus portfolio company. Warburg Pincus led an initial equity financing into CPV in September 2000 and has since led a number of follow-on financings.,id,338.aspx

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    • Well pull the plug and discharge all wind turbines and jail all the jack asses that have any joiner with IWT .
      put that on the honey to do list

  5. Atlantic Power Corp., Boston
    Board includes:
    Sen.Irving Gerstein, Canada, Chair. > Capital Power Corp.
    This company owns Ridgeline Energy Holdings Inc, Seattle, WA which has wind projects.
    Richard Duncan, Partner, Sail Capital Partners, Washington, D.C. And David Miller, Fmr. Toronto Mayor & WWF-Canada is also on Board of Sail Capital Partners.

    Just for general information.

  6. Perhaps the main issue is that you can’t sell an unreliable source of wind electricity by contracts that guarantee delivery on demand. The electricity has to be there when needed.
    Electricity from renewables can be sold for a profit only if it happens to be needed at the time it is produced?
    Then if Canada sells its electricity to the U.S. what will be left for economic development in Canada?

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