Horizon seeks review

horizonBy Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch
Horizon Wind Inc. could be hauling the province into court. The Toronto-based company, which struck a deal in 2007 with the City of Thunder Bay to construct a 32-megawatt wind-turbine farm on the Nor’Wester mountain range, on Friday said they plan to file an and application for a judicial review at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice seeking a final decision on Big Thunder Wind Park.

The move comes about a year after the Ministry of the Environment told company officials their renewable energy approval was complete. They’ve since engage in a technical review of the province, which resulted in 400 online comments, for and against the controversial project. “We’d rather be generating clean energy than exchanging papers in a courtroom,” Horizon spokeswoman Kathleen MacKenzie said. “But sometimes you have to do one before the other.

Recent judicial review applications filed by Fort William First Nation against various ministries have created some confusion. We’ve asked for the court’s help in straightening it all out.” Read article

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