Tribunal chair has more questions

ERTErie Media, by Dave Johnson
More than a month after final submissions were made at an Environmental Review Tribunal hearing involving Skydive Burnaby and Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. an unusual situation has popped up, said lawyer Eric Gillespie. Gillespie, who represents Skydive Burnaby, said tribunal chair Dirk VanderBent has requested more information from a witness for Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc.

The hearing, which took place over three different weeks in Wainfleet, saw lawyers for Skydive Burnaby, Ministry of Environment and Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. present witnesses to bolster their respective positions. It came about after Skydive Burnaby filed an appeal over two turbines being built by Wainfleet Wind Energy on Station Rd. The turbines would be located 1.5 kilometres west of the skydive facility, whose owners, Mike and Tara Pitt, are concerned over the risk to skydivers.

“Our clients are having considerable difficulty in understanding how a process they thought was over, is back to where it was at two months ago,” Gillepsie said. “We haven’t been able to find any cases where this has happened before.” Read article

4 thoughts on “Tribunal chair has more questions

  1. It is counter intuitive but this could be the new way of burying your opponent and complainants with details and confusion.

    • The cynic in me says that this is just the governments way to make a controversial project go away. For Ostrander Pt, it was the turtles. For the Buddhist Temple it is probably a pay off. For this case, they’ll find some excuse…

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