NextEra and MOE sitting in a tree….K…I…SS..I..N..G

moralWiarton Echo, Don Crosby
[excerpt] Earlier on the hearing was delayed while West Grey’s representative, Bev Cutting, left the meeting to get a couple of voice recorders after some witnesses for the appellant complained they didn’t have access to a recording of the proceedings

West Grey resident Maria De Melo said since NextEra and the Ministry of the Environment were sharing the cost of a qualified reporter who was recording the proceedings using sophisticated equipment, Van Den Bosch and other opponents deserved the same opportunity. Wright agreed to allow Van Den Bosch to record the proceedings, but only for personal record keeping. He forbade the use of the information for broadcast purposes to or appear on social media.

De Melo and Orah Randall complained lawyers for the Ministry of the Environment and the NextEra were sitting together and could be seen consulting one another. De Melo said it gave the appearance the ministry and the proponent were on the same side whereas she expected the MOE to represent the interests of the people of Ontario. She wanted Wright to order them to sit apart.

He denied the request. Read article

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  1. [excerpt] Lawyer John Terry, of Tory’s LLP, Toronto, representing Nextera Energy, of Florida, USA, noted the success of Van Den Bosch’s case relies on showing the concrete does contain the toxic chemicals he alleges and that there is compelling evidence from expert witnesses the chemicals will harm the redside dace.

    Van Den Bosch tried without success to compel NextEra to supply the hearing with the list of ingredients for the cement for kits wind turbine bases.

    He asked that the company be compelled to turn a sample of the concrete over to him for analysis.

    Van Den Bosch argued without knowing what is in the concrete, he couldn’t select the proper expert witness.

    The chair ruled it is up to Van Den Bosch to produce the evidence and an expert witness.

    “It’s not up to them (NextEra) to prove your case,” said Wright, who acknowledged Van Den Bosch faces a Catch 22.

    Van Den Bosch served notice he would proceed with his evidence under protest.

    NextEra and Ministry of Environment lawyers said they would produce experts on the subject of the concrete.

    Van Den Bosch went on to produce a report on the chemical analysis of a sample of concrete he had obtained from a wind turbine project and had analysed by an independent laboratory.

    The report notes the sample contains cadmium, lead, vanadium and boron in amounts that exceeded allowable provincial standards.

    Another 28 elements in the sample were in amounts allowed under provincial regulations but “some could represent a health concern.”

  2. Oh next error and the MOE are ONE!
    Been for a long time now!

    Yrs ago I was shocked to see this in person. You’d think our ministry would be siding with it’s own province but it’s on the foreign proponants side!

    They simply just erase the project name thats in pencil and rewrite the next poor sap of a town and reuse all the same crap. They meet up at for drinks after and it’s business as usual.

    Sick all of it!

  3. They don’t want to have our sides video taping them, because if Ontarians saw with their own eyes how insane they are there would be big trouble!

    It’s ok
    For them to air appealents life histories for their file banks, but by golly you can’t
    record them!

    The world would see how corrupt they all

    Before a strip search is the new norm I say everyone should bring a recorder in and let the world see what we all know!

  4. Noticed that Mother’s website is now a members only website.
    Hope they have not been intiminated?

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