Six Nations finalizes wind energy projects

arms laength money shakeBy Michael-Allan Marion, Brantford Expositor
OHSWEKEN – Six Nations and two wind power companies are working on the last projects to be brought on stream under the Ontario government’s original green energy program. In the first project, Six Nations council has authorized Elected Chief Coun. Ava Hill to sign a capacity funding agreement with Dufferin Wind Power Inc. to build 91.4-megawatt project called the Dufferin Wind Farm in Melancthon Township in Dufferin County.

Council has authorized the signing of a capacity funding agreement with Grand Valley 2 Limited Partnership for the Grand Valley Wind Farm – Phase 3. That will allow for the building of a 40-megawatt addition to the wind farm. Grand Valley is along the Grand River in the upper reaches of the Haldimand Tract. The parties have been working for years on the necessary approvals for the two separate projects from the Ontario Power Authority under the Feed In Tariff program.

Lonny Bomberry, director of Six Nations land and resources, said that with the in-principle agreements signed, the parties will work on the specifics of the funding arrangements, including the percentage share of ownership and revenue each will take, and the method of financing. Read article

4 thoughts on “Six Nations finalizes wind energy projects

  1. You would think that after some 300 years first nation’s people would have learned not to deal with certain people.

  2. We are all one. 1st nation or otherwise. Spells on spelling,words are words made up by your con trolers. They have meant to separate us. Divide and con-quer a great way to con fuse us. Learn their “con” it is everywhere. get out of your con-ed box they built for your con troled box. Think outside their box. Their legal lies. All things legal is not lawful. All things contract with legalese is not lawful. Fraud! Phoenician law?

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