92 more wind turbines for Lambton Shores; NextEra Jericho Project approved

2013 MLWAG mapEnvironmental Registry
Decision on Instrument: A Renewable Energy Approval (REA) has been issued to Jericho Wind, Inc. (NextEra Energy Canada) to engage in a renewable energy project in respect of a Class 4 wind facility consisting of the construction, installation, operation, use and retiring of 92 turbines with a total nameplate capacity of approximately 150 megawatts (MW). The wind facility will be connected to Hydro One’s distribution system.

This Class 4 wind facility, known as the Jericho Wind Energy Centre, will be located in the Municipality of Lambton Shores and Township of Warwick, within Lambton County, and the Municipality of North Middlesex, within Middlesex County.

Note that since the REA application was deemed complete on July 17, 2013, Jericho Wind, Inc. made changes to the project. The changes included the following:

  • construction disturbance areas were modified to reduce or eliminate impacts to archaeological resources,
  • infrastructure or construction disturbance areas added or changed to optimize project design/ constructability, including the addition of 2 turbine locations and relocation of several other turbines, and
  • turbines and associated infrastructure removed. Read article

25 thoughts on “92 more wind turbines for Lambton Shores; NextEra Jericho Project approved

  1. It is such a shame what is happening – I would prepare by photographing what things are like now in the area and if I were not already near (close) to IWT I would have a medical and exam and check up. I would have my home appraised and have a real estate agent evaluate my home. I would do everything in my power to prepare for a class action lawsuit.

  2. O’Melveny & Myers LLP
    Events/Alerts on right sidebar
    Texas Supreme Court Decision
    This is a CONTRACT litigation case.

    Implications section, Par.2
    “,so it is important for wind energy developers and their investors to look completly at the PPAs to ensure that they clearly and approprately allocate the risk of congestion between wind farms and their off-takers.”

    So risk in wind energy development also falls on the INVESTORS if something goes wrong which results in litigation and loss of investment.

  3. Website for the above information is:

    This is one of the reasons the present government does not want rural Ontarians involved in these kinds of issues. Provisions of the Ontario Green Energy Act removed the publics’ ability to have any say in these issues.

    These are also issues the public could litigate on.

  4. From Barbara’s above mentioned link O’Melveny provides a wide range of legal services
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  6. Maybe it’s about time that Ontario MLAs understand that rural Ontarians know that the owner of Invenrgy has connections to pals of POTUS.

  7. Here is where minister Chiarelli weasel words come into play. He stated a few weeks ago in the legislature that no community would have turbines imposed on them if they were unwilling. Both Lambton Co and Lambton Shores are on the list of municipalities passing Unwilling Host resolutions (see this site)
    I never believed a word of what Chiarelli or Wynne said, probably they can twist out of it by referring to new projects or whatever.
    Still someone should copy Chiarelli’s remarks and publish them prominently. I won’t do any good but the hypocrisy of the Liberals would be displayed again.
    Someone from the region may have more on this story.

  8. Don’t think the public are allowed access to these contracts to learn what’s in them.
    PC MPPs were not allowed to look at the Samsung contract as I recall.

    The only thing that might be possible to do is to compare what the IWT companies said the IWT projects would provide with what the actual numbers are.
    Suppose lawsuit is the only other way or change in government that will provide this information.

  9. Another problem being the public doesn’t have access to the actual output of these wind turbines. Can’t find the Clear Creek, Cultus, nor Frogmore industrial wind energy facilities (three 9.9 megawatt RESOP contracts in Norfolk County) on the IESO website.

    How do these wind turbine companies get paid? Mike Crawley just writes a figure ‘on the back of an envelope’ and somebody hands over a wad of cash?

  10. The contracts situation has come up before at OWR but we had no information to work with. Now, if people take the time to read this legal information,it will be at least a begining.
    Who knows, maybe some developers got better contract terms than others did?

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  12. I am 21 and I can’t believe this is happening all this farm land is getting torn up because of theses stupid turbines there not even nice to look at they were the worst invention made and now there getting even closer to we’re I live I honestly think who ever came up with idea should really shove them up there butt because there doing no good hydro keeps going up and there supost to be energy savers

    • Hey Jacquie,
      Re: farmland torn up

      The biggest obstacle was securing land for wind turbines;
      private deals with farmers.
      We should be asking:
      How stupid are the farmers?

      Municipal councils say they are ‘unwilling hosts’;
      only ‘sound good words’ provided by the Ontario Power Authority;
      and, have little meaning.

      Who’s butt?
      A starving lawyer called Dalton McGuinty – a left leaning liberal
      ……sold us out to the United Nations.

      Local level of government plays role:
      consensus forming leftists – infested throughout Chamber of Commerce

      There’s more………but, it’s sickening!

      Vote Conservative – protect your future.

  13. Jacquie, good to hear your comments and perhaps this will encourage more young people to speak-up who are also concerned about the future of Ontario.

    • Most young people can’t afford to speak out. Could lose your job, get blacklisted, lose opportunities, which people with financial security and guaranteed incomes don’t have to worry about.

      More power to people like Jacquie!

  14. According to the Texas Supreme Court decision it is up to Investors to find out if there is enough room on the grid to take the electricity supply they are investing in.
    There are Ontarians who invested in solar panels to supply electricity to the grid but later found out there is no room on the grid for their electriciy supply.
    According to this Court decision, Ontario solar panel investors will have to take the loss. The government knew there was no room on the grid for these investors to begin with?
    The government tried to jump-start the Ontario solar panel industry at the expense of small investors?

  15. These are contract laws issues and NOT environmental laws issues.

    Wonder how many small investors with renewable energy projects could not get hooked-up to the grid?

    Maybe some of them would like to inform the people at OWR about their experiences with this situation?

  16. You can’t get a straight answer from the government as to where the electricity from ~6700 IWTs will be used and what these turbines are supposed to replace.

    Then you have a person proposing to raise Lake Ontario almost about 29 cm/1 foot so that the Lake can be used for pumped storage. Even if this is possible to do how much will that cost?

  17. National Wind Watch, April 16, 2014
    See article right sidebar.

    New York Appeals court ruled that the town of Allegeny, New York did not have to accept a wind developers decision to change to a different type of wind turbine.

    This is a change in the contract that the town did not have to accept. Maybe this case will end up in the New York Supreme Court?

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