Industrial wind turbines and human health: Whitewash for the white coats

“Don’t tell me about the science” – Wind Turbines and Human Health: An Emotional Topic.
You already knew from the cavalier seminar title where this presentation was going to be heading. However, in his introduction, the presenter promised a balanced discussion on the issue of wind turbines and human health so that health care practitioners and academics could have informed dialogue. Mmmm. Really?

The seminar/webinar was hosted in Toronto by Public Health Ontario on March 20, 2014, and was given by Loren Knopper Ph.D., an environmental health scientist and co-lead of Intrinsik Environmental Science’s Renewable Energy Health Team, with stated expertise in industrial wind turbines and human health.

Knopper failed to offer a disclaimer that “a number” of his clients are wind developers (unless he stated it when the webinar’s sound failed for two brief periods). This information came to light in the question period following his presentation. It’s a very important point because the wind industry denies, despite some good evidence, that industrial wind turbines can cause adverse health effects. Obviously, one would not want any inconvenient truths alienating clients with deep, government-guaranteed, subsidy-enhanced pockets. Read article

6 thoughts on “Industrial wind turbines and human health: Whitewash for the white coats

  1. The seminar was planned to be a pro-wind event, but they were swamped by reality-minded people, and not one of us would let them lie, and not be challenged. It was very interesting!

  2. Sickening that so-called responsible people abandon any moral responsibility when the smell of
    ‘green-backs’ is in the air.

  3. In my opinion, Ray Copes should resign from Public Health Ontario.

    And the MLAs at Queenspark should remember that the associations and connections among those in the health professions have been documented.

  4. And thanks to those who attended this seminar as this proves again that rural Ontarians know what needs to be done.

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