Talk: Carmen Krogh, Harm from Wind Turbines

CarmenCarmen Krogh is presenting on the harm to health from turbine projects at the University of Waterloo – May 7th, 2014.  It is open to the public should you wish to attend.

Presentation: “Harm from Wind Turbines: What Has Been Known for Decades”
Speaker: Carmen Krogh
Date: Wed 7 May 2014. 3:30pm.
Place: DC1302 (Davis Center), University of Waterloo
Abstract: The topic of adverse health effects associated with wind facilities is globally debated. It is acknowledged that if placed too close to residents, industrial wind turbines can negatively affect the physical, mental and social well-being of some. In addition to the general population, at risk are the vulnerable such as fetuses, babies, children, elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. There is published research on the effects of Low Frequency/Infrasound (LFI) on people and animals dating back several decades. This presentation will provide some of the available evidence drawn from peer reviewed literature, authoritative references, and other sources. It is proposed that known risk of harm can be avoided by siting wind facilities a protective distance from residents.

Bio: Carmen Krogh is published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals and has presented papers at scientific noise conferences. She is an independent, full time volunteer and for almost 6 years has researched health and other effects associated with industrial wind energy facilities and shares information with individuals, communities, authorities, wind energy developers, industry and others. Krogh’s background in health care, vigilance monitoring, editing and publishing helps inform her work. She held senior positions at a major teaching hospital; as a drug information researcher; a professional association and the Health Protection Branch of Health Canada (PMRA). She is a former Director of Publications and Editor-in-chief of the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS), the book used by physicians, nurses, and health professionals for prescribing information on prescription medication in Canada. Her goal is evidence-based siting of IWTs that protects human health.

10 thoughts on “Talk: Carmen Krogh, Harm from Wind Turbines

  1. I’m so glad to see that this presentation is happening in an urban setting. I hope it is very well advertised and very well attended. I also hope that it sparks a crucial conversation regarding the ethics of this matter among urban dwellers who remain oblivious to the reality we are facing. Rural residents/landowners must not be collateral damage for these industrial wind turbine experiments in this province. Our human rights must be protected.
    I’m all for renewable energy but not at this cost!

  2. U of Waterloo must have webinar capability? Would be great to see interactive lecture online.

  3. By and large renewable energy can’t deliver the power that their proponents claim due to energy density factors.

    However, rural Ontarians are blocked by the government thru provisions in the Green Energy Act from bringing up these issues.

    Do hope that people kept any brouchers and other publications which told people how much electric power IWTs would produce. These promotional pieces can fit into contract litigation later or maybe into fraud litigation.

  4. Has anyone looked to see who the reviewers were on any of these pro-wind health papers were?

  5. I’ve watched the entire presentation and I was struck by Carmen Krogh’s compassion in action. Her quiet and intense sensitivity that allows victims to speak is profound!
    Thank you Michael Mann.
    Please everyone, send this link to your entire mailing list….especially urban dwellers in Ontario. Also, add the two links for articles on Julian Falconer’s most recent presentations.

    • There’s a Professor Emeritus from U of Toronto who has noted that women so frequently make the case for the environment and human health–Rachel Carson (Silent Spring), the Love Canal woman (forget her name), Theo Colborn (endocrine disruption), etc.–I was reminded of them while watching Carmen Krogh’s lecture. They wield the facts, but also a passion for protecting the environment and human health. (You go, girl!)

    • I apologize to you, Richard Mann. I just noticed my error. Your organizing effort is much appreciated.

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