Naturalists to pay Gilead $40,000, reduced from $125,000 demand

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Prince Edward County’s Field Naturalists will pay $40,000 in legal costs instead of $120,000 demanded by Gilead Power. The Divisional Court has found turbine project developer Gilead Power’s demand for $120,000 in legal costs from the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists “was too high and lowered it to $40,000,” said Myrna Wood, PECFN president. “More importantly, the reason given is that “clearly the case is of important public interest. It is significant that two judges have based decisions on the importance of the case to the public interest. We see this as a positive indicator that permission to appeal will be given. We will also be able to use this argument for an appeal against paying any legal costs to Gilead or the Ministry.”

The naturalists group has filed its submission to the Court of Appeal asking for leave to appeal the Divisional Court reversal of the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal. Last July, the Tribunal revoked the approval of a Gilead Power wind turbine project at Ostrander Point Crown Land Block in the centre of the Prince Edward County’s South Shore Important Bird Area. There have been more than 20 appeals of Renewable Energy Approvals since the Green Energy Act came into effect in 2009. All but the PECFN appeal resulted in dismissals. Read article

5 thoughts on “Naturalists to pay Gilead $40,000, reduced from $125,000 demand

  1. Watched CHCH news tonight.

    Today Wynne affirmed her intention to go after Tim Hudak in a lawsuit related to his accusations of her culpability in the “Gas Plant Scandal”. She’s vowing to donate any of her “winnings” (up to $2 million) to charity. Aren’t you “jumping the gun” a little there Wynnie? You haven’t won anything yet!! Wonder if she got the idea from her friends over at NextTerror who are promising to donate any of THEIR “winnings”, in a lawsuit against Esther Wrightman, to United Way Canada.

    Continue to hold her feet to the fire Tim & Lisa!! We eagerly await the results of THIS one!! Can you say “Counter-suit” or maybe “Jail Time”?? Take her to court and watch her perjure herself!

      • Sounds good to me 88airstream! Better choice of words! Time away before the next election and then permanent “vacation” from political life!

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