Bluewater Wind Project creates divide in community


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Construction is underway on 37 wind turbines just south of Bayfield. Once complete, they’ll make up the Bluewater Wind Farm. It’s a project that has divided the community, even families.

“I have cousins that have put up turbines and unfortunately we’re not talking right now,” says resident Mervin Steckle.

One of those cousins is Paul Steckle, the former Liberal MP is a turbine leaseholder. He says he’s never seen an issue divide his community like wind turbines. “To see the divisiveness within our own family name is not something that frankly I’m very proud of.” Read article

3 thoughts on “Bluewater Wind Project creates divide in community

  1. “To see the divisiveness within our own family name is not something that frankly I’m very proud of.”
    Really, that is big of you. The same sad situation can be found a few miles north in Ashfield (K2) or Wolfe Island or anywhere in Ont rapacious wind companies have plied their trade. Their MO is guaranteed to divide communities, families friends; that is why the secrecy and evasiveness prevails when trying to sign up landowners. The fact that the companies are allowed to spread a few dollars around for recreational equipment and rock concerts further divides an already divided community.
    As for Steckle one would hope his Liberal MP pension, and other business interests was sufficient that he wouldn’t have to resort to this tainted source.

  2. I am so sick of people like Paul Steckle saying it’s all about the money. Many of us turned down the money. I don’t doubt at all that money is all that’s important to Paul Steckle, but some of us care about other things – like our families, our health, our neighbours, our environment.
    Maybe that explains why he’s a politician and we’re not.

  3. The side effects are hurtful and lasting to suffering victims but the strain on long lasting friendships is another negative factor caused by this global scam. Steckle says he is not very proud but talk continues to be dirt cheap around these arrogant a——-.

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