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The municipality of Prince Edward will ask the Ontario Ministry of Environment not to approve wpd Canada’s White Pines Project—29 industrial wind turbines from Milford to the edge of the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area.

In a report presented to a committee of council last week, the municipality says it considers the Heritage Assessment Report prepared for the project to be “incomplete and deficient.” Further, it states that the proposed plans “lack appropriate mitigation measure” necessary to preserve the heritage resources (homes, barns and such) that will be impacted by the presence of 40- storey industrial wind turbines swooshing overhead.

The municipality wants the MOE to demand that wpd Canada move three turbines it knows will impact the heritage value of nearby properties. Read article

2 thoughts on “Do not approve

  1. Liberal Agenda 21:
    Species at Risk
    Heritage buildings (and such)

    Election Year 2014
    Boot these Agenda 21 wacko’s out!

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