Standing with rancher Cliven Bundy

bundy1Wind Turbine Syndrome, Calvin L. Martin
The other day, something significant happened in American history.  This man stood up to the American government  — and the government backed down.  (The “American government” consisting of a small army of heavily armed cops.)

This is a story about a number of things:  (a) The renewable energy scam.  (b) A foreign energy company taking adverse possession of rangeland used by this rancher’s ancestors going back 150 years, give or take.  (c) An unseemly collusion between a powerful U.S. Senator, the Director of the Bureau of Land Management, and a Chinese energy company.

The bullying and sleaze of wind energy companies inevitably come to mind.

In this case, it’s not wind energy, but another non-starter:  solar energy.  Involving U.S. Senator Harry Reid (Nevada) negotiating with a Chinese energy mogul to build a huge solar energy plant on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administered rangeland — right smack where this rancher and his forebears have traditionally grazed their livestock.  The Chinese company being legally represented, incidentally, by Senator Reid’s son, a prominent Nevada attorney. Read article

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  1. Like I said before the states won’t stand for this crap!! – we as law abiding citizens can no longer sit on our hands and do nothing!!!! – if we do the turbine companies will steam roll over all of us! – give them a inch and they will take 2 miles!!! and I am sure that everybody who reads this website has done their part – now it is trying tell of rest of Ontario get up and do something – IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!! and remember vote the Liberal bums out this coming election!!!!!!

    • Lyn, unfortunately I have to disagree.
      There are already to many people “standing for this crap”, only because, they are to busy working and trying to feed their families. Politics is the last thing on their minds at this time.
      The percentage of everyday citizens in any country, don’t realize what IWT’s are to begin with. I’ve talked with several people that haven’t a clue, even though IWT’s are only 20 miles away from them. They might see them, they might not, due to the terrain of any given area. Point being, they don’t worry about it because they have yet to have it at their backdoor.
      Two days ago, talking to a neighbor and friend, they told me how ridiculous they thought me and my husband were when we first brought up the subject of IWT’s more than two years ago.
      At that time, they thought we were being over the edge about the subject. UNTIL, we threw several facts towards them, AND whilst my girlfriend noticed them being built north of us and SAW them on her way home from work one day. Then, their tunes changed dramatically.

      Mr. Bundy, is an exception. He just might make some Americans re-think what it really means to be an American. Last night on the local PBS Station ( public broadcasting) they talked about this situation, but never said a word about Mr. Bundy’s willingness to pay the state of Nevada grazing fees. It was conveniently left out of the discussion.

      I guess I fit the description of Harry Reid’s term, I’m a terrorist !! oh no ! whatever shall I do now !
      Harry Reid………. he’s using that term to deceive people into thinking true Americans are now terrorists. Shame on him and his cronies.

      • Hi Ella! I unfortunately disagree with you !! and it truly is a free country to disagree right now!! – this government has allowed increasing on gas to hydro – food etc. even in Quebec you won’t see the gas prices go up and down like they do here in Ontario! – and yes I still stand by the mess that we are in is that most Canadians will do nothing! – I work run a farm and also run a small business – so don’t give that to me that people have too much on their plates! they just cannot be bothered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lyn, you are correct, some people just can’t be bothered, I agree, wholeheartedly !!

        I only meant, a lot of people do not know the issue at hand and they are to busy with everyday necessities that they need.

      • Hi Ella! nice to hear from you!! I just got back from a meeting regarding the turbines out in Bimbrook!! – one just has to shake their head!! – we did a bit of canvasing! – and when talking with some of the people they seemed to be plugged in – but it is getting them off of their asses to do something !! In any event nice to hear from you!!!

  2. Most will not stand up like the ranchers did.
    Most will sit back in there Lazboy chairs and watch their sports,Dr Oz,Phil,and the updates on the Stars
    Canadians have been to laid back. Gee and they can’t even understand they are being screwed over and over again and just keep on voting for some other god party that is going to save them.
    I had enough of the wimps myself. We deserve all this if we do not just wake the phuck up!

  3. Ella,
    More Michigan connections.
    E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs
    Partners include:
    Clean Edge
    CleanTech Group, with Kieth Raab & Nicholas Parker who is from Toronto.
    National Resources Defense Council

    Having a number of groups/organizations with different names makes it appear that there are many people involved but often is not the real state of affairs.

  4. Nevada Senator Harry Reid is now saying that people that support Bundy are “domestic terrorist”. What a bunch of bull! The Obama Administration refused to call the Boston Marathon bombing, the Ft. Hood shooting and Benghazi murders terrorism but, now they want to label Bundy supporter’s “Domestic Terrorist”???? Dirty Harry Reid is the terrorist!!! Power to the People!

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  6. Globe Series, Globe 2014 Conference, Vancouver, March 26-28
    Speakers include:
    Nicholas Parker
    Vicky Sharpe, SDTC
    Toby Heaps, Corporate Knights
    Tom Rand, MaRS
    Robert F. Kennedy,Jr.
    Wal van Lierop
    Go to: “Clean Capitalism/ Financing Sustainable Innovation”

    Just for general information. Odd how the same names keep popping up?

  7. The people in the western U.S. are upset with Sen.Reid because he is involved in wind and solar and not because he is a Democrat. They would be just as upset if he was Republican senator.

    The people of Michigan are now facing this same situation.

    • Barbara, you’re exactly right. Greedy money knows no boundaries of any political side. The PBS broadcast last night, never said one word about the intentions to build any solar or wind on this land. Never mentioned the Chinese affiliation either.

      Huron County, Michigan, now moving to change setbacks. Although, they are already “toast”. Huron County Tribune ? local paper, no more commenting on issues unless you have facebook. Conveniently, not allowing any negative comments about wind by anyone without facebook. IMO, to stifle the public.

      • they just wanna make it easier for the NSA to track family and friends via facebook for the big FEMMA round up. Canada had similar plans to keep track of dissenters and round them up but now promises those plans have been shelved. I trust the gubbermint.

      • Hi Ella,
        To follow the Bundy Ranch controversy, watch FOX News from the states (Bell 507 in SW Ontario). Better yet, go directly to the FOX News website and watch the video segments on the situation. They cover it well in the evening from 9 to 11pm – Kelly Files and Hannity.

      • Hi there ! I went on the below Fox news website! – I could not find anything on the Bundy situation !!

      • Lyn, it’s there, just type Cliven Bundy into their search bar.
        Unless they have removed it? but I doubt that Fox would do that?

      • Lyn, it’s there. When I looked, I just typed into the search bar, Cliven Bundy and the articles came up. Maybe they have removed them? although I can’t see Fox doing that?

  8. Ella,
    Pattern Energy was tracked back from here to Nevada wind & solar and Sen. Reid more than a year ago. The Nevada news media carried the wind & solar information at that time.

  9. NBC News, Dec.9,2010
    “Wind at their backs: Powerful Democrats help Chinese energy firm chase stimulus money”
    “Sen, Reid and Obama donors back company seeking 450 million in U.S.wind money”

    This has been on-going for at almost four years now.
    Note the photo taken in Nevada in Oct.,2010 with Sen. Reid and Chinese developers.

  10. Ella,
    Your group has enough information to make flow charts/diagrams of the various organizations involved to show people what is taking place in Michigan. It’s a lot of work but makes it easier for peole to understand.

  11. ACORE, April 17, 2014
    “Bonding for Clean Energy Progress”
    Bonds that can be used to finance energy investments. this idea is being advanced by Clean Energy Group & The Council for Development Finance Authorities.

    The Energy Collective, Mar.17,2014
    Green Banks to help lower the risk for private investment in Clean Tech.

  12. Let’s sue Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals

    ‘[excerpt] C’mon, people. You know you want to. Let’s do it.’

    ‘[excerpt] Well, there you have it. Premier Kathleen Wynne has finally decided she’s going to take legal action against Progressive Conservative Party Leader Tim Hudak, because he won’t back down and quit saying she’s a no-good, low-down, dirty, rotten, lyin’ scoundrel. I’m paraphrasing, of course, but that’s the gist of it.’

    ‘[excerpt] Wynne’s letter went on to say: “These allegations and accusations are false and utterly unsupported, and you ought to know it.”

    The premier, in her letter, didn’t bother to explain why the PC leader “ought to know it.” I guess she figured he must have been there, helping out IT expert Peter Faist, who — until the OPP made their findings public — was working under contract for Wynne’s party. Faist, apparently, is one hell of a magician. I understand he’s good at making things disappear.

    Like evidence, for instance …

    Things got even more interesting this past week when Ministry of Finance bureaucrats — apparently fed up with being forced to leak budget documents as a way of setting the table for a spring election — shared their frustrations with Hudak and the PC party, leaking the budget rollout in a way even the Liberals couldn’t have envisioned.

    According to the leaked documents, the Ontario budget will escape like a tiger from its cage on May 1, 2014 — May Day, no less — and will include $5.7 billion worth of election goodies and bribes.

    Among other things, the leaked budget documents say the government will:

    • announce $35 million for school nutrition programs;

    • set aside $85 million over three years for in vitro fertilization;

    • invest $300 million into front-line services to help low-income workers;

    • increase the Ontario Child Benefit, which currently provides $1,200 per year to more than 500,000 low-income families; and

    • make a major “corporate welfare” announcement.

    To their credit, neither Wynne nor Charles Sousa, the finance minister, denied the authenticity of the leaks. Although they did double-down on trying to find the culprit who was responsible for leaking the information in the first place, pointing a finger at a couple of bureaucrats.

    I guess the poor buggers will be lucky if Premier Wynne doesn’t try to take legal action against them as well.’

    • Yeah Ms.Wynne wants to take legal action against Tim Hudak!! we as taxes payers will flip the bill!! again we get screwed!! – I thought this Country was bad when the liberals were power in the Federal end of it!- but boy the Liberals have ruined Ontario – right down as to where we are a have NOT province !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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