Destructive behavior concerns OPP

[Editors note: Before everyone jumps to the conclusion that it MUST have been an anti- wind protestor who did this, take a moment to remember other ‘incidents’ that may or may not have happened: fire in Haldimand, gun in Grey, threatening letters about stakes and farm machinery – all of these looked terrible in the media, pointed the finger squarely at us, and yet nobody was charged…? Really? It could very well be the PRO-wind who did this to make our resistance look bad in the media. Pardon my skepticism, but I’m tired of SLAPP suits and crap like this that are facades that the media falls for every time, to distract from the real destruction happening in our communities by the wind companies.]
Grand Bend vandalismLakeshore Advance
Energy company Nextera has been given the green light to start building a 92-turbine industrial wind farm in Lambton and Middlesex counties. And that okay may have prompted the graffiti splashed on Grand Bend Highway 21 businesses and the municipal sign Friday morning. From the entry sign north to the Caldwell Banking sign “Stop wind power” was clearly written in red paint. At the Ausable Inn one car was splashed in red paint and the tires slashed.

Bill Weber, mayor of the Municipality of Lambton Shores, told the Lakeshore Advance that, “Reaction is disappointment. It’s disappointing that it would come to this in Lambton Shores.” Even more frustrating for Weber is that the municipality – which includes Grand Bend – is one of nearly 100 unwilling host communities in Ontario.

The municipality has been fighting to keep turbines out of the community and stands largely on the same side as those in the anti-wind movement. “Everyone understands the frustration that the anti-wind people have, that’s the frustration that the municipality has with the Green Energy Act,” Weber says adding he does not believe this destruction helps to further the protester’s cause.

Provincial approval to build 92 new wind turbines near Grand Bend was just handed down last week and although Grand Bend is not directly involved in the wind debate, yet, the businesses may have been targeted because they are close to homes and apartments being rented by wind company employees. Read article

24 thoughts on “Destructive behavior concerns OPP

  1. Send Wynne an email and ask her if she would like a wind turbine beside her house!!! -she truly does not care about any of us – just like the idiot that we had in power before her Mc WHO!!!! – send a clear message on voting day give the Liberals the boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hi there !! good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – I have now over 120 emails to the premiers’ office and she will not reply!! what the heck does that tell you!!!

  2. You’d think that a company that size would hire someone who could do a better job – a more impressive job… but considering that their regular employees can’t even book a hall, I suppose it’s possible.
    I would expect one of ours to do a better targeted job – leaseholders or the hired help – landsmen they call them.

    Maybe it was just a drunk kid acting out, or even a leaseholder who is just now realizing how badly he’s going to be screwed, and his neighbours aren’t even talking to him.
    Personally, I can’t condemn the ‘guilty’ party except I don’t condone ‘random’ acts.

    Mayor Weber might be disappointed… too bad. He’s done little enough to help the situation. Unless he’s in complete denial, he should be prepared for it to get a lot worse. Some folks are getting really tired of going through the channels and being polite and respectful and getting either ignored or lied to for their trouble. Many of us have already given up on ‘polite’ and ‘respectful.’

    I don’t find the graffiti deplorable at all. I find it completely understandable. OTOH, the actions, inactions, and complacency of gov’t, the wind industry, and many council members and other ‘upright’ citizens to be deplorable and beneath contempt.
    So far as I know, I’m still allowed to voice such opinions and it should be noted that I haven’t ‘encouraged’ or promoted violence or sabotage. But I do understand it.

  3. …and we will take that power and sell it at a loss only to force our hydro rates up. Does this make sense to anyone?

    • Funny you should ask that question !! – I just got the hydro bill in the house was over $777.00 and the barn was over $95.00 – and what really kills me is that I used $11.00 worth of hydro for the barn and I paid $75.00 to have that delivered! I mean who is getting screwed here!!

  4. Gee, and who really is the destructive party?
    I say the police and all public servants need to serve and protect the public (I believe they may still swear an oath to serve and protect the public) right?
    Phuck these corporate fictional ass set building wealth for there stockholders bank accounts scum baggers. We are the one that count,and what ever happened to the precautionary principle and those studies on health affects.
    Whoa and halt on these turbines till wee get the TRUE facts,and until that we need protection.
    I say we are and have been harmed,were is our say from all this torture they bring onto us?
    I do not feel any sorrow for this and so long no one gets hurt,phuck them!
    We are getting hurt!
    Sorry police,I did not do it,although I hate Wind turbines! GREATLY! A thorn in my ass ands believe many others.

  5. As soon as I read of this the other day, I told my wife it was probably a pro-wind person. The graffiti does not make sense that an anti-wind turbine would do these locations. It shows the desperation of Next era and their leaseholders. Public opinion is going against them big time.

    • … and who in the anti wind groups would use the words “wind power” in any form of protest? That’s wind company terminology. We are much more creative in our forms of peaceful protest and wouldn’t stoop so low to deface local businesses that have nothing to do with the wind destruction. Now the wind companies, yeah they have no problem defacing anything they come across out here, that’s for sure.

      • I totally agree ! I have never met an anti-wind person that uses the term ‘wind power’. At all our twp. meetings, the lease holders that held contracts always used the term ‘wind power’, every time. They would stand up during their allotted 3 minute comment time and only use literally 5 seconds to say, ” I support wind power”. Every time !

        Since our Wind Ordinance is now finished, I hope they like those cancelled contracts, they should frame them………haha

      • Absolutely agree…”wind power” is definitely industry and gov’t speak

  6. I agree, it was probably a PRO-wind turbine person. Pro-wind people have no moral compass. These lease holders, wind corporate elites and the “just following orders” employees are sneaky, greedy, arrogant narcissists that think only of their own wants and desires at everyone else’s expense. They probably think it’s fun and games damaging property in the community. They have a lot of experience in the area of destruction!

  7. Vandalism and defacing a business’s sign is no way to protest. The punks don’t realize it but they just defaced Grand Bend itself. Grand Bend is a great community and doesn’t warrant this publicity

    • You will realize the meaning of the word “deface” when Grand Bend is transformed into a turbine zone.

  8. There are plenty of people who can’t connect the dots that producing, processing and delivering food requires lots of energy.
    So when the price of energy goes up so does the price of food.

    Then land is taken out of food production for wind and solar projects and this causes the price of food to rise too.

    • Most of the food produced in America is Monsanto based and laced with GMOs and other harmful chemicals. China is buying our great lakes water and most do not know it. We drink this stuff and they laced it with fluoride waste from China. Forced medicate without our consent. Sure I can go on and on and there is a lot more.
      No matter how much we produce here is lobbied and handled by big business and they in turn put us in harms way,just like the turbines. Barbara I would really like to see you connecting the dots of corruption and fraud just about everywhere your babysitters handles our lives.
      You still have your vail over your eyes in respect to the top fraud,Wind turbines are near the bottom half causing all these things to happen. Connect those dots.
      Standing in the truth is where a lot will not go further,rather stand in BS fraud. I do not get any response from Ester anymore as I am sure she thinks I am a nutter. Could not care less,thats standing in the truth and thats what happens you as all of a sudden I have leprosy
      Ask a detective to investigate this fraud and of course they cannot because it would cut of the hands that feeds them and so many here to will not go this way. To painful to accept.
      By the way I did ask a detective and did not know what to say.he knows I am right with evidence.and a witness to it all.

      I do not care as they already rapped me and took my life’s goal,think I care anymore. Hell no! I put them on notice of there fraud and I am a witness to there fraud. Stand the phuck up we got nothing to loose anymore they screwed us in every way possible and it not going to any better but worse if you let this go. Cheers

      • Being from a family of biologists I humbly disagree with you about GMOs, that said I think there should be a regulated option for people that want to avoid them. Quite frequently the people who lead the anti-GMO movement are tied at the hip with the people running the pro-wind movement. They love anything that has the potential to increase prices of every day needs and shifts more people out of the middle class!

        Ultimately this is about freedom though, and towns should have the freedom to stop wind turbine developments just as consumers should have the option to buy organic food that is legally certified to be GMO free.

      • Agree on the right to chose is a definite agreement. But you must real eyes that GMOs are pollinating other neighbouring plants and ruining others that want noting to do with your frankin foods of no value and they get nailed from Monsanto by saving their seeds and causing havoc with growers. loosing tons of $energy thru their policy.
        So what hip are you attached to? I’m certainly not attached any wind turbines but do like my food unaltered with pesticides,herbicides infused into plant genetics. I like it KISS.
        Monsanto is another friggin horrible hostile,community destroyer. They have way to much control over others.And are one of biggest bullies,thieves in the sandbox. Reminds me of Nexterra

  9. The only means that ordinary people had to control corruption in Canada, the Citizen’s Grand Jury, has been removed.
    The only means left now is to not vote for any corrupt elected officials.

  10. The Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic crusades, up to our present time, show their criminal “full-spectrum dominance” doctrine is effectuated all over the world by: War, genocide and depopulation (recent examples: Canadian natives genocide between 1880-1984, the “Vatican managed Serbian genocide during WWII” with an ongoing US court case, and the ongoing Shia Muslim genocide in Iraq with over 1.217.892 deaths) Political subversions Economic slavery Poor quality nutrition, healthcare and housing Government propaganda (via education, media, science, and religion) – See more at:

  11. How ironic…. the OPP stand by while roads and railway tracks are blockaded even in the face of court orders, but NOW they’re concerned about some graffiti. What a bizarre world we live in.

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