Managing energy rage

electricity costPeter Epp, Chatham Daily News
There hasn’t been this much angst about energy costs in Ontario for quite some time. Natural gas prices are rising, hydro-electricity prices are rising, and gasoline and diesel fuel prices are rising. It’s a perfect storm – and you can run but you can’t hide. If you own a home, or a business, or an automobile, these price increases are going to impact your life and your wallet in some way.

The latest jolt comes from the Ontario Energy Board, which has approved an increase in time-of-use prices, effective May 1. The energy board estimates that increase will mean an extra $2.83 a month for the average hydro customer in Ontario, or $33.96 annually. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s still an increase, and part of a pattern that we’re going to see unfold in this province in the coming years. Last December, the Ontario government announced that electricity rates in this province will probably be rising by 42% over the next five years. That’s an enormous increase, but its impact likely won’t be fully comprehended by most customers until they open their bill.

Part of the reason for the increases can be laid at the feet of Ontario’s Liberal government, which five years ago introduced the Green Energy Act. The cost to carry this program was never completely understood by dreamy-eyed bureaucrats at Queen’s Park. The legislation has required a major subsidization of wind and solar power projects. And while both of those forms of energy generation might someday be sustainable, they aren’t anywhere near that point yet. Indeed, it’s been estimated that Ontario’s green energy projects cost $1.2 billion more than the value of electricity they generated, according to a study done in 2012. Read article

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  1. Read the comments on this article. Looks like quite a few people are voting with their feet and leaving Ontario. Ontario may soon turn out like Newfoundland was, a place where you’re from from, not where you live.

  2. Hopefully we’ll have an election in June and the emphasis has to be on cancelled gas plants and how the Liberals have dealth with rural Ontario. Would any of you NDP’ers reading this tell Andre Horvath to quit being an enabler.

  3. Reading the comments page makes this seem like a hopeless situation due to the lack of knowledge by the public.
    People won’t listen until they get the bills for this energy fiasco and can’t afford food.

    • Did you see the study released today (funded by the U.S. Government) regarding Ethanol? Ethanol produces 7% more greenhouse gases than gasoline! Anyone with half a brain realized this long ago. People need to wake up and realize that IWT’s cause more harm than benefit…..and soon.

  4. Something else most of public hasn’t found about yet is that there are people from all political parties who have been and are involved in the “green” energy scam.

    This energy affair is not a one political party thing. Money dosen’t care about political parties.

    • Many people have been killed to prevent knowledge of the existence of the Cabal from becoming public. The Cabal has shown itself to be ruthless and still active. By working to expose the Cabal, I am taking on the risk that they will kill me as they have killed many others. The vast majority of these killings are made to look like accidents or suicides.

      Three of the people who have most succinctly explained the workings of the Bush Crime Family are Steve Kangas, Mark Lombardi, and Gary Webb. They were all killed solely for speaking the truth so clearly. Voltaire said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” In order to stay in power, the Cabal must suppress the truth.

      My claims are not overstated. Each statement made in this document has been verified from multiple sources. My claims understate the true depth of corruption because I have only presented those crimes which can be verified from multiple sources.

      In order to stop the Cabal, we must speak the truth and risk their wrath. I am doing so, and I ask that you consider my claims carefully. If after examination you consider my analysis sound, I ask that you think of your moral obligations to society. If our democracy is going to thrive, we each have an obligation to speak out against domestic government criminal activity.

      One person alone is not strong enough to take on the Cabal, but a community of people cannot as easily be silenced by force. Though they well deserve it, I do not ask for retribution against the members of the Cabal. Fear of retribution has driven them to commit many crimes in the past, and no doubt would in the future. The members of the Cabal perpetually carry with them the fear of discovery. I hope they would welcome a path back to righteous society. A Truth Commission can provide such a path.

      I call for a Truth Commission to publicly and openly uncover the horrible secrets buried away behind walls of government secrecy. A Truth Commission would provide an opportunity for all people to come forward and confess crimes related to the Cabal. In exchange the full, true, and open testimony, an amnesty program would wave prosecution for crimes. The appeal of amnesty would create a drive for a mass of related participants to come forward to confess. As these confessions pile up, the core players will be forced to come forward themselves. A Truth Commission could be a very effective way to purge the evil of the Cabal from our system. As hard as it may be to believe, things are so bad in the United States, we need a Truth Commission.

      The following search will provide links to many of my writings that I have posted on the Education Forum. Google: “mark gorton”

      As for me non voter which most of you out there do not believe much of what I say,and yes I do make mistakes. However I do try very hard to stand in the truth. For that it is far to strong for all of you to absorb as it is beyond treason have stolen our true freedom and on how evil things have become. It is high time you all real eyes you have been duped along with this wind scam,lies after lies and fraud and our true wealth stolen which continues on. This has to stop ,now!

  5. At first I thought the title of this article was:

    “Managing energy Rape” !!!

    Mike Crawley, Master…..

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