Give us another lie

DSC_0828Dear Mrs. Bird,
I was hoping that you could advise me on an issue that arose this morning. I was visited by an elderly gentleman who lives in the Bornish project. He looks out of his window at approximately 6 of your turbines—and they’re not the innocuous things that he saw on your nice little boards at the Public Information Meetings.

He’s quite upset, and I’m not sure what to tell him, or how to make him feel better. He had no idea, and as this gentleman in his 80’s who has lived on his farm ALL his life, with tears in his eyes asked me for some signs, I realized that I had nothing of consolation to say.

He now gets to spend his later years enjoying the turbines out of his front window, where once he saw forests, and farm land. He’s too old to move on. Although he didn’t mention it, I’m sure he’s worried about his health and the health of his wife.

Perhaps you could give me a standard off the cuff response that I could give to him, and others who are now realizing that their homes and their future in this community is gone.

At this point Josie, I don’t think that it matters if it is another lie; it’s what I would expect of you.

I wonder how well you sleep at night, knowing that you are the cause of disharmony in communities across Ontario.

I look forward to your response, as I truly would like to know what you would say to people like this poor gentleman. WWJBD?

Muriel Allingham

11 thoughts on “Give us another lie

  1. This entire situation makes me sick!! – this Liberal government has steamed rolled over everyone !!!!! made promises and lied to everyone !!!! this poor man!!!! yeah I wonder how Wynne sleeps at night along with the energy minister and the MNR!! they all want to be ashamed of themselves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • They live in an artificial world, comfortably keeping themselves separated from the results of what they are causing.

      • You got that right!! it still just amazes me that they are so unfeeling!!!! – we got to vote them OUT!!!!!!

      • Yeah I would like to see turbines besides their homes!! – bloody idiots!! – I refuse to go away so I keep emailing them all!!

  2. We need to take back what belongs to all of us,not with these corporate fictions. They have stolen our communities and taken over,basically by our consent thru the government you voted for. Stop voting for puppets that allows corporate agendas to run our homes and our lives.

    • Playing the same game will only get you the same result. Every time. Guaranteed.
      How’s that for “mass insanity”?

      We have how many “non-willing” communities now? 75? 100?

      Each one of these can have a hat in the ring for October. That’s a good start. Better yet, somebody runs as Independent for the yet to be announced WWF championship…ah hem, I mean provincial election.

      If your gonna vote, at least bet on grandma.

      • People really do not real eyes how ridiculous UNWILLING HOST really does for us.
        It is such a wimpy way of what we really,really want to say
        All this continuing assault is blatantly an aggression against the living in these communities and is committing harm and therefor an act of war
        This system that is presently set up is to protect the large money making corporate fictions that has no intentions to preserve our communities but harming the voiceless cry s from the living who are not dead by consent.
        I for one have claimed myself as a living man and have gave notice to these criminals that continue to harm us and warned them to stop. You know who you are and you have no more excuses any more and have been warned. But you continued,it is our right to do what is right to protect our homes as you do to.
        Notices have been delivered.
        It would be nice if everyone else against being harmed and protecting your communities would do the same,give them notices and make sure you do not use the corporate all caps names. They need to be put on notice.
        Give it especially to MOErs and all public servants in this mess they created.

      • In Haldimand You can vote for “Grandma”!
        Marnie Knight has entered the race for Mayor of the county. She isn’t the first Mother entering the elections to change the system and she won’t be the last. Consider your candidates and vote as you see FIT

  3. WWJBD?
    Since you asked:

    It was 2011 when then-Josie Hernandez
    BRIBED Haldimand County, Ontario
    with a “Vibrancy Fund.”

    Ben Greenhouse was there too, and said
    he had “no doubt”: industrial wind turbines cause
    “some” people to be “sick”.

    Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin would know
    all about it

  4. they know and their paid experts have admitted based on the evidence that 15-17% will have negative reactions to the noise pollution at 45 dBs, i.e., on account of being born with more sensitive hearing.

    BUT in Ontario the situation is way worse cuz the MOE allows way over 45 dBs and doesn’t consider cyclic impulsive noise which is more annoying. Plus they lie and cover up that the actual noise pollution is way worse than what the watered down MOE rules allow.

    The Green energy Act needs other Ministries like the MNR and MOE to shape and bend their rules so that the GEA can be imposed.

    So the problem goes beyond the Liberal government cuz there’s a shadow government that dictates what goes on at the Ministries. You just get to vote for the puppet politicians promising hope and change but their strings are being pulled from behind the scenes. Does anyone actually believe the powerful and monied would actually leave their fate in the hands of the rabble stuffing ballots in a box?

    By all means throw the Liberals out. But send the message that YOU ARE AWARE that the institutions of government have been corrupted to the core by corporate greed and that the next bunch will be thrown out too unless they clean up the system. (PS. I am aware these words won’t sit well with the card carrying true believers of the political party system).

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