HALT Hopes Courts Will Support Armow Turbine Battle

supremecourt_gavelBy Janice MacKay, Blackburn News
Huron Kinloss Against Lakeside Turbines will bring its fight against the 92-turbine Armow Wind Farm in Kincardine to Divisional court. HALT President Kevin McKee says the group wasn’t surprised to lose an appeal to the Environmental Review Tribunal because the appellants must prove harm to human health. Mckee says HALT will bring the charter challenge to the court system where it should be up to wind companies and the province to prove the safety of their product.

McKee wants the courts to impose a moratorium on wind turbines until safe setbacks can be determined. He says supreme courts in Portugal and Germany have ruled turbines are causing health issues, and have forced turbines to be removed. He adds, the Australian government says turbines need to be set back 10 km from homes. In Ontario, the turbines are required to be 550 metres away from homes. McKee says HALT is not against wind energy, but believes the turbines should be set far enough away from homes to protect people’s health.

HALT plans a fundraiser in Tiverton May 9 at 5pm to help fund the court battle. Read article

One thought on “HALT Hopes Courts Will Support Armow Turbine Battle

  1. There should not be any battle or fight in this.Proven over and over again from the ground zero source that is us the living. We the many say and have come forward stating in public and to our baby sitters that our lives are in fact threatened,just like we can do no harm against others. Plain and simple,shut them down!
    This is just about world wide Would any compassionate people understand that? No we have a dictatorship as holes running and ruining our peaceful homes
    Pluck them out! As they offend us! Making a mockery out of us,basically calling us liars,not worthy of any say. Phuck them!

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