Moving out: Anti-wind activist leaves Ontario worried for family’s health

n-wrightman-leaves-1-600x375Petrolia Independent, Heather Wright
Esther Wrightman feels like she is being evicted from her own home. The woman who has been at the forefront of the anti-industrial wind turbine movement in Middlesex and Lambton County is moving to New Brunswick.

Wrightman, who heads up the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Concerns group and runs the Ontario Wind Resistance website, put up the for sale sign on her home Tuesday as workers from NextEra continue to put up wind turbines around her home just outside of Warwick. She says it was one of the toughest things she’s ever done. “You feel like you’ve been evicted,” says Wrightman who fears for the health of her family.

“I don’t think we had much of a choice here,” she says. “When you have people in your family with (pre-existing) health problems…you can’t risk it to stay…you have to leave.” Read article

…and, Turbine Activist Relocating, Blackburn News

(aside from this, I’ll write a little bit more later this weekend, when I get my thoughts together. Thank you all for you notes of understanding and encouragement, it’s really appreciated by my family.   — Esther)

25 thoughts on “Moving out: Anti-wind activist leaves Ontario worried for family’s health

  1. Sorry esther and family my condolences
    Took us a long while before we found a buyer,would have been a great spot were we lived before the rape machines popped up and evicted us out of our peaceful home and our energy$.
    Cheers! Another sad day Hope you sell fast but knowing you will lose a lot and not just$ . Memories they cannot erase

  2. We are going to miss you Esther! Thank you so much for fighting along side the windwarriors in Ontario, and bringing this issue, out into the open. I cannot even say, how much you have done for the people fighting this fiasco! You have been wonderful! Perhaps some day, our province will be restored. If not, many will be following suit, and exiting Ontario. We will never stop fighting, and we wish you nothing but the best in your new home!

  3. Big foreign company comes to Ontario and walks all over a Canadian citizen and gets away with it.
    This company has a lot of clout in Washington. And the money lenders who finance IWTs in Ontario have plenty of clout in Ottawa as well.
    Bet no one even took the time to look up who the major shareholders/owners of this company are.

    My condolences and best wishes go out to Esther and her family for all she has done for rural Ontarians.

  4. sorry to hear that but most of us can understand your decision.
    Good Luck with the move, maybe more of us will follow once we realize how bad it is actually going to get.
    Several farms have been sold in the Bluewater area the past few weeks, all of them are moving because of the turbine invasion.
    Maybe you can apply for refuge status.

    • Agenda 21 and they have us eating from the palm of their hands.
      You have to do what you have to do, but this is exactly the plan and one at a time, I suppose we’ll all just fall in line. “You country bumpkins are getting in the way of our resources”.

      Thanks though Esther! You are a true thorn in their side.

  5. Sorry to hear about your decision Esther. I totally understand though, as I’m also considering moving out of this destroyed province, unless PCs win the next election & stop/reverse this scam.
    I hope you are able to sell your home without too big a loss.
    Your moving is Ontarios’ huge loss.
    Thank you for your tireless efforts fighting these treasonous scumbags. All Ontarians owe you a debt of gratitude, whether they presently know it (as we do), or not.
    I hope you & your children enjoy a wonderful future, the future you surely deserve.
    Take care Esther & thanks for everything.
    Doug Moran.

  6. Rapacious foreign energy company drives crusading Canadian resident from her home; usually the stuff of a media documentary, or a investigative journalist. As long as it’s a wind company and not a mining company, then the story fails to resonate with the mass media.That is the disgraceful truth of Ont at the present time.

  7. Esther. Thanks from many outside of plundered Ontario. You have been an inspiration. Getting away from these monstrosities is the right move. Good luck in your new turbineless home.

  8. It will be interesting to see how the news media handles this affair. Ignore this perhaps?

    And to Ella, so I don’t have to make another post.

    When Mr & Mrs Michigan Republican Party, uber rich, are in the business of making blades for IWTs, then it is easy to understand why the governor of Michigan changed his position amd is now backing IWTs.
    Ella knows the names of people I’m refering to.

  9. So sorry to hear that it has come to this. My prayers are with you. Thank you for all
    Your efforts You are truly a very brave and morally responsible individual. More families
    Will do the same and leave Ontario.

  10. Esther, you will never be forgotten. Your courage and passion has given hope to so many that have been suffering for years in this quagmire by a government that betrayed their own and ruthless corporate greed. Many of the farmers that signed leases are regretting their naivety, others dig in to save face and some justify their greed at the expense of their neighbours as their right. Ironically, they will never be forgotten either. When this sham falls apart and is exposed for what it is, it will be the lease holders that have to move out of the province rather than face the scorn and humiliation. The wind developers who go broke will slither back under whatever rock they crawled out from under or head up another Ponzi scheme. If the next error that wind shysters make is to bring terror to your family through an Ontario court then please sound the trumpet Esther. There is not a court big enough to hold all of us.

  11. Ester,

    You have certainly been a force to be reckoned with. Keep your faith, love your family, pray for a well deserved peace in your life.
    From across the lake, I wish you the joy of life you so much deserve. Thank you, Ester, thank you so very much for uplifting the fight for so many of us with your passion for justice.

    God Bless you.

  12. Ethisphere, 2014 World’s Most Ethical Companies
    Energy And Utilities: Electrical
    NextEra Energy, Inc, USA

    Slate Magazine, March 19,2010
    “It’s All Good”
    “Beware of corporate consulting firms offering awards for corporate ethics”

    Good article article for background information on how companies get these so called awards.

  13. Good Luck Esther, U put up a great fight and we all really do appreciate it.
    So sad that it has come to this. I have cried so many tears over this scam.
    I too moved from Stoney Point in Essex County to Dawn Euphemia in
    Lambton County, hopefully the townshop voting on being an unwilling host
    will keep the damn things away from my retirement home, the country living
    is the best. Hats off to u Esther and your family.

  14. Where are the Hollywood B listers, the aging rock stars, the muck raking journalists, the Green foundations, all those ready to go to northern Alta on a moments notice when a few ducks are displaced? All we can expect from those quarters is total silence.

  15. Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines
    Roy D. Jeffery, MD FCFP⇑
    Family physician in the Northeastern Manitoulin Family Health Team in Little Current, Ont.
    Correspondence: Dr Roy D. Jeffery, Northeastern Manitoulin Family Health Team, Box 549, Little Current, ON P0P 1K0; e-mail
    To the fellow who said there were no adverse effects of wind turbines on health have a read buddy !!!!

  16. I am so sorry you are leaving Esther , but fully understand . You have inspired all of us and it is just not fair that it has come to this . I will fight hard in your honor .
    Thank You so much for your Braveheart .

  17. This is a public relations disaster for this company if this news gets into the MSM/carried by the major MSM.

  18. Ethisphere Institute,
    “On March 20-21, 2014, the Ethisphere Institute and Thomson Reuters will host the 6th Annual Ethics Summit at the Crown Plaza Times Square in New York

    Would assume that most people know who Thomson Reuters is?

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