Premier Remains Committed To Greed Energy

Wynne2By Steven Goetz, Kincardine News
Wynne covered a lot of political ground during a telephone interview as she drove between stops at a sugar bush in Holstein and a meeting with a local candidate in Goderich, including a widespread backlash against industrial wind-turbine developments. Many municipalities across Bruce, Grey and Huron counties have joined others across the province to pass resolutions declaring themselves unwilling hosts for further turbine developments.

The Liberals’ wind strategy has been further challenged by a World Trade Organization decision that forced the province to abandon regulations requiring wind developers source 60 per cent of their equipment from Ontario, and an acknowledgement in the latest long-term energy plan that demand for electricity will be stagnant or decrease in coming years.

Wynne said projects progressing through the approval process would continue. “If you are asking me, will you cancel those contracts outright? The answer is no we won’t,” she said. Read article

5 thoughts on “Premier Remains Committed To Greed Energy

  1. Wynne should save her breath, no one in SW Ont is listening to her lies any longer; better to campaign in Toronto where she has some support.
    From the story this excerpt:
    “Many approved wind projects have been appealed to the province’s Environmental Review Tribunal, which requires the appellant to provide evidence turbines will cause adverse effects to human health or the environment. None of the appeals have succeeded.”

    What point is there in changing the process when the approval rate is 100%? Despite over 70 municipalities passing unwilling host resolutions, the approval rate for wind factories is accelerating not slowing. In reality nothing has changed, only a change from this sorry government will present any real difference in rural Ont.

  2. Perhaps we can see to it, that the prison she is held in, is run by wind turbines….only! This monumental scam, is going to be worse than any of the horrific things that the Liberals have done so far. People are only beginning to find out the depths to which this horrific pyramid scheme goes!

  3. “One of the first things I heard when I was elected “. WTF. She’s using that term a bit losely I’m thinking. I could wear out my copy and paste buttons reading this article and commenting on it. At least it put me in the mood to fire up the tractor and hook up the manure spreader now. Gotta go and shovel some horse crap and maybe some Lieberal rhetoric. Have a great day folks 🙂

    • Speaking of tractors & manure spreaders, I’m thinking it’s time for a major convoy or 2, into Toronto at the crack of dawn, down the 404, DVP and/or from the west via the Gardner Ex. to Queens Park to unload & protest, very slowly and loudly with lots of signage, to let people know if they re-elect the NDP/Liberals, they can expect it to be a common occurrence.
      These city folk need to know what their Liberal votes are doing to Ontario. It seems that many are still intending to re-elect the worst, most corrupt provincial gov. in Canadian history, even after the destruction they’ve caused to the province.
      They don’t care about rural On. so we need not feel bad for them. To H with them and all Liberal voters. They’re treasonous bastards from H, simple as that.
      Its time to shut down Toronto as they’ve shut down Rural On. Its also time to separate from the leftist fools.

  4. What idiot said this?

    ‘[excerpt] She said her government would focus on conservation, noting “the cheapest energy is energy that we don’t use.”’

    Remember her name!

    Hey Ontario – ‘Lights Out’

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