Vandalism in MY community

DSC_0806I am appalled by the vandalism done in my community. The crap left on the sides of the roads by inconsiderate construction workers, the huge transmission lines that intrude Municipal roads, the substation that infringes on the natural environment, coming perilously close to the precious eagles that are nesting near by and the huge fucking wind turbines that are visible from EVERY corner of my once beautiful neighbourhood; these are like rail car graffiti to me; no it’s much worse and none of it can be whitewashed away.

The media is having a field day with the spray paint in Grand Bend that denounces ‘wind power’—who even calls it that? I have never heard the destruction of rural Ontario ever referred to as ‘wind power,’ that would denote that it had some use. Blair heard the Mayor of Lambton Shores on the radio this afternoon, and the Mayor suggested that the anger over wind development be taken to Queen’s Park (I agree with the part about taking anger to Queen’s Park), but wish we could turn the focus to the TRUTH—which is what the wind companies don’t want at all—hey, let’s play their game, and let them win.

My question is this, why is the media, and the police for that matter (specifically the OPP), not doing anything about the infractions that are occurring DAILY in our communities? The speeding, the disrespect of the public, the garbage, the trespassing, the accidents involving school buses, the trucks in ditches, the lack of proper signal persons for the movement of oversized loads and many more that I will not name here—but feel free to add to this list.

So, we, the unwelcome ‘hosts’ of wind “power” are being heralded as Satanists with spray paint—oh dear God not the spray paint! How does 400 square meters of concrete and rebar, a 500 foot tower with cuisinart blades that mutilates birds compare to a can of red spray paint? Families whose homes are destroyed, thanks to the wind turbines mean nothing to the government or the press—residents should spray paint their garages and barns or the shingles on their roofs, maybe then they’ll get some attention.

My community is destroyed, and all anyone can talk about is Nexterror taking an opportunity to make those of us with half a brain look bad. Can anyone look at the Bornish Wind DEVELOPMENT and not see vandalism?

To me, this is like Hitler invading Poland, and the authorities charging a boy for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family. And to our group, please stop focusing on the ‘vandalism’ that occurred in Grand Bend. Please do not crucify anyone in this act—there is NO proof that anyone in our group did this; even if they did, how does this compare to what is happening in our communities? Kudos to anyone who has the guts to stand up to the criminal behaviour of our government and the wind companies.

Nexterror, you are in my community destroying it, and there will be hell to pay. Anyone fighting this fight, I applaud you.


12 thoughts on “Vandalism in MY community

  1. Muriel – thanks for putting the focus where it belongs – on the REAL vandals/criminals

    • Yep! And beyond
      All revolving around for the lust of money.
      And we suck in all the fear porn so as to keep us a bay.
      And then they milk us and force us out of our lands and communities.
      We are a sorry bunch of as ses to keep on taking this.

  2. Diane,
    Didn’t Smitherman say that everyone had to be brought onboard to get the IWTs installed?

  3. Re the turbines to be erected around Grand Bend, we got an email yesterday from Zoomer Promotions about the Grand Cove retirement community on the north edge of Grand Bend. They made no mention that a 50 storey high Industrial Wind Turbine factory will be soon installed only 1/2 mile from their retirement homes, so I emailed them to remind them that this must be disclosed to buyers. Also told them about the harm caused by Low Frequency Noise from the whirring blades, etc. But my email likely reached their Toronto office, so they won’t comprehend what all the fuss could possibly be about!?

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