Wrightman family moving as wind turbines go up

esther nexterrorJohn Miner, London Free Press
After a bitter five-year battle to stop the continent’s largest wind energy company from surrounding her community with giant turbines, Esther Wrightman is moving on. “I feel like a bloody rag doll after this. I want to be happy again,” the Middlesex County woman, who’s uprooting for the Maritimes, said.

With construction of the first of three wind farms in her area now well underway, Wrightman’s family is selling their properties and moving their nursery business to New Brunswick, a home they hope will never have an industrial wind farm. Few activists personified the fight against wind energy farms in Southwestern Ontario like Wrightman. She leapt to prominence when her township mayor called in the OPP to stop her from video-taping council meetings she’d post on YouTube.

Wrightman’s attacks prompted wind energy giant NextEra to file a lawsuit against her, claiming she’d made false and misleading statements against the company and had unfairly attacked its trademark. NextEra promised to donate any damages it wins from Wrightman to United Way. Wrightman, in her statement of defence, countered NextEra had discredited its own business in how it dealt with the public. The lawsuit has yet to be heard in court. Read article

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  1. I wonder if Nexterror will be able to win a suit when it shown that this poor woman will be unable to sell her home in order to move on….

    • To bad no body here over-stands the part of legal verses lawful. this is a case verses fiction and the living. Choose the legal fiction and you fall for a victim,choose lawful and stand as a living wo{man} and stand in truth and claim your right against them.
      To bad she choose to be the victim and joiner to their fiction and their fraud in their legalese world, a society belonging only to BAR where you do not and cannot follow their spells, spellings and phonics.. Understand? or Overstand them! Your name is the key,know who you are. Assumption and presumptions is all they have and they Nexterror are just a fiction base of scum. There is nothing living inside this Corporation and actually cannot contract with a living wo man or with a legal system set uo only by your consent to be a fiction name that is capitalized on your BC which the proper owner is the corporation of Canada. Man,I hope you guys can finally grasp this as it should be ABC. Kindergarden stuff. FRAUD 101.

  2. When lending institutions like banks loan money for IWT projects they want to get their money back. If a project fails to be built then money is lost.
    There could be more to this story than just who the developer is?

  3. To bad there was no comment space on the LFP site about the story. John didn’t get all the facts right.

    Having the Wrightman family leave is very very sad as you truly couldn’t meet a more lovely caring family.

    The proponents and township just didn’t know what to do with such a passionate family that stands up for their families as well as ALL others in the communities far and wide.

    Too bad the article didn’t touch on just how hard it is to live within such a corrupt township ruled by
    a bunch of sellouts that have left us with 4 wind projects and years of devastation to come.
    Trying to fight this group of good ole boys with selfish intentions is enough to frustrate all of us.

    Even though its sad to see the Wrightmans go, I wish so much for them to have peace and happiness where every they go.They are very deserving of that and Im glad Ive had the chance to
    meet them.

    I’ve learned how to stand up better for myself and family in watching them. They fought with truth and knowledge and one day those who shut their eyes will see what they were fighting for.

    Next era the billion dollar company couldn’t match the wits of a rural mother and nailed her with a slapp suit. That will stay in their profile forever. Useless bullies!

    To the Wrightmans, go and enjoy turbine free living, you never know, we may follow you there!

  4. U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission
    NextEra Energy, Form 10-K for year ended Dec.31,2013 & filed Feb.24,2014
    Part 2, page 57
    “Additionally,NEER subsidiary has five variable rate Canadian revolving credit agreements with origianl capicity of C$750 million and expiration dates ranging from October 2014 to 2016. These facilities are available for general corporate purposes; however, the current intent is to use these facilities for the purchase,development, construction and/or operation of Canadian renewable generating assets.”
    There are no direct links to this document. Follow the links.

  5. Shame on NexTerror!! – big Bullies I hope they can sleep at night!!! – oh and they probably can!! – because they have moral compass!!!! NetxTerror and companies like that are the scum of the earth!! along with our provincial government!!!!

  6. Good choice and good luck to the Wrightman’s. I’m also leaving Ontario as soon as I can. At this point, it’s a simple choice of survival. It’s either dead or alive. You’re a good mama bear Esther. All the best.

    • I also wish Esther and her family all of the best!! and to you Henry! at one point in time this province was a great place to live and work! NOT ANY MORE!! as a fruit farmer in Niagara they closed the cannery!! putting in wind farms!!!!! – it truly is sickening how your own government has so little regard for you!!!!

  7. Note where the interconnector lines can and do cross into the U.S. because these are the places/areas where IWTs will spring up. Like where Lyn is.
    Cheapest places to install IWTs.

    • Barbara you should see the fruit farms that have been torn down!! – one just feels like crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best fruit around to include peaches/plums/cherries/ apples etc. and then we get nailed l with restrictions regarding our sprays! we have always used eco friendly product!! but now that doesn’t even seem to be good enough for the Liberals

  8. Niagara region is famous for its fruit and seems that eco-nuts will have to eat wormy fruit in the future.

    It’s very costly to build and maintain transmission lines through mountains. So the north-south mountain ranges in North America are difficult to cross with east-west lines.
    Main connector transmission lines to the U.S. would be built in the east and west coast locations going south. From Ontario the main lines would go south and then branch out east-west in the U.S.
    Watch the routes for the main IWT transmission lines and where they go to.

    • Thanks for the inof!! I said it before and I will say it again get out and vote the Liberals bums out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Pennsylvania Bid Network, Sept.26,2013
    JCM Capital closed development financing for the two HVDC lines from Nanticoke, ON to the PJM grid. Cost est.$1 billion.

    Green Chip Financial Board includes:
    Tom Heintzman, Managing Director at JCM Capital and was with Bullfrog Power.

    Just for general information about transmission lines and where the Nanticoke line goes to.

  10. PJM Interconnection LLC, Montgomery,PA, enables the delivery of electric power to about 61 million people including Michigan. JCM cable to connect with PJM.
    Ake Almgren is on the Board of PJM, Active Power Inc. and Angstrom Power Inc. of North Vancouver, B.C.
    Angstrom Power Inc., North Vancouver, Board includes:
    David Oxtoby, Carbon Free Technology Inc.
    Wal Van Lierop, Chrysalix Energy and also has Ontario connections
    Daniel Muzyka, Conference Board of Canada
    Nice to know who is working the south side of Lake Erie.

  11. Wynne is out of her mind if she think things have gotten better regarding the turbines!! maybe she still is on her Good Ship Lolly Pop to notice any difference!!!! a liar is a liar is a lair!!!!!!

  12. Active Power Inc. makes flywheels and Angstrom Power Inc. is in the fuel cell business.
    Maybe people in the U.S. should wake up and find out what companies like PJM Interconnection are up to? Like shut down the U.S. power plants and get power from Canada?

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