Grits’ fixation on wind power is a losing game

How dreadful . . . to be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules. — Caroline Stevermer

ontario-liberal-monopoly-game11Jim Merriam, London Free Press
Two games have taken on new meanings, thanks to opponents of the Ontario government’s fixation with wind power. First is the game of politics and second is the board game Monopoly.

A new game circulating via electronic media is called Ontario Liberal Monopoly. The game highlights the relationship between this power-hungry party and its various power flubs. Instead of jail, there’s an unemployment line for all those thrown out of work by the government’s destruction of the manufacturing sector. There’s also a wind victims’ safe house, presumably a place where all the folks can move after they’ve been driven from their farms by wind turbines that have caused serious health problems.

Permit me an aside. I recently exchanged correspondence with a dear friend who couldn’t understand how I could abandon the “Liberal family,” to which my clan has belonged since Ontario was nothing but unsettled bush. The answer: I could never support a party that condones big business delivering health problems to people and driving them off the land, for no good reason. I doubt most of my ancestors would have supported such reckless disregard for people either. Read article
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8 thoughts on “Grits’ fixation on wind power is a losing game

  1. John Deere has a board game out, a farmopoly of a sort. Wind farms are a square on the board. Makes me vomit, vomit and vomit more. John Deere needs to change it’s color.

    • John Deere was heavily involved in the Industrial Wind Turbine business until a few years ago. Apparently they’ve recently pulled out of that business although it appears that there are still some John Deere wind “Farms” still in operation especially in the midwest U.S.

      • There is an interesting story… a very interesting story… about John Deere pulling out of wind turbines. It will never be in the newspapers.

        Some higher up people at John Deere visited and lived in Greensburg Kansas. Although it is still trumpeted as a smashing success, the private opinions of many locals don’t match this and Deere’s experience in Greensburg is a major factor in the company’s exit. But… the company never made any public statements about this because it would have impaired millions of dollars of their investment.

  2. We have been conditioned – we have been robbed!!
    If you have a spiritual problem – you are to find a priest!!
    If you have a political problem – you are to join a party!!
    If you have a justice problem- you hire a “lawyer” (liar)!!

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