“Down Wind” documentary teaser – please help fund


Please help fund this documentary.

12 thoughts on ““Down Wind” documentary teaser – please help fund

      • Agreed — if the opponents of wind turbines won’t help — why bother?

        A few bucks won’t help — and who knows what the rewards might be?

        Even if the PC’s win they may need to build public opinion to make changes.

        I still believe that 70% of the people of Ontario support wind turbines — mostly because of ignorance that they are ineffective.

    • Agreed, but remember that Quebecor, the parent company of Sun Media, receives significant funding from the government. They explain on the Indigogo page that they do not want to “pinch tax payers for every last dime” to fund the production like the CBC.

  1. RM. If you listen to the donation site link , Rebecca Thompson explains how this movie will put an end to the lies from our government and the wind developers. They have raised 20K of the 30K needed. She explains that unlike CBC who won’t seriously touch this issue, Sun News will NOT tax the public for this move as CBC does. I donated through pay pal. Got my receipt. I like the strength of Rebecca Thompson’s words that promise to dispel the propaganda and lies. This document does not seem to pussy foot around the issues like other movies did. Real victims , real economist . We have to trust that with such a powerful trailer or teaser, that the rest of the documentary will be just as informative and powerful. I predict that this doc will eventually be translated into many languages and seen around the world.


  2. They’ve already almost reached their goal!
    For a $50 contribution you get 2 DVD copies plus a Sun prize pack. If the doc is good, money well spent in my opinion.

  3. When will this show be televised? To be affective it should be out before the ontario election on June 12. If it doesn’t air until after the election it would be a shame.

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