How NexTerror stores their machines for the night

april 20 14 006

This on School Road (yes the school is on the other side of the overpass) in NextEra’s Adelaide wind project. The cranes hang like this over the road during the night… as if they don’t have a whole field in the other direction that they could turn to.

9 thoughts on “How NexTerror stores their machines for the night

  1. I wonder why they are doing that!!?? RIGHT??? I think we all know!! – people should post signs along there Nexterror go home!!!! – we don’t want your cancer in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Intimidating and dangerous-looking hanging over the road like that – but that’s probably the intention.

  3. I suspect that a driver who looked up might just be terrorized to notice that hook hanging over the road.

    All part of the public relations scheme I guess.

  4. I just got word and Ezra Levant at Sun News is doing a documentary/movie On the Wind Turbines!!! and the scamming that is gong on check it out on his site!!!!!!

  5. 1-877-202-0008 Ministry of Labour phone number to report unsafe work practices….

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