Churning Politics: Wind Project Developments in Northern Ontario

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The rain held off yesterday for about twenty protestors in front of MPP David Orazietti’s constituency office on Great Northern Road in Sault Ste. Marie. The group was a collection of members from the Lake Superior Action Research Committee (LSARC), Save Our Algoma Region (SOAR), concerned citizens for the North and Michipicoten First Nation Chief, Joe Buckell.

The assembly of demonstrators were asserting their long and dedicated stance opposing the installation of wind farms in Northern Ontario, and specific to the day the proposed wind farm development on Bow Lake, as well as protesting the Ministry of the Environments (MOE) consultation approaches with First Nation communities in regards to wind project proposals. Read article

6 thoughts on “Churning Politics: Wind Project Developments in Northern Ontario

    • For a map of the wind turbine invasion of Lake Superior go to or for the Algoma watershed only.

      The “moratorium” on offshore projects is all that stopped mega wind projects that pretty much define the word INSANE. Rows of giant turbines IN the cleanest part of the cleanest of the Great Lakes!

      The Hwy 17N corridor is a designated scenic route considered my many to be one of the most beautiful in Canada. The mesmerizing view of our great “inland sea” rising in transparent waves has transfixed many a world traveler and helped form the self-image of those thousands whose rite of passage, whose pilgrimage, is that trip from coast to coast.

      All levels of government have put money into tourism based on the great visual amenity, we do “wilderness” here and it is a huge part of the local economy. We have a respect for our landscapes constantly reinforced by advertizing and in conversation with the touring public so when the ERT declares the socio-economic determinants of health and Tourism as unrelated that too seems insane.

      The wind industry knows the effect of industrial wind turbines on such areas is profoundly adverse, their own research tells them so!

  1. “Divide and Conquer”……………..Liberal plan to turn Ontario into an anti-Democratic crap hole!…………………..and these parasites want US to vote them back in????

  2. BluEarth are the Keating boys from Canadian Hydro who destroyed Melancthon/Amaranth with the Melancthon project. 133 turbines and Wolfe Island 88 turbines…., sick families, buyouts and gags, displaced families still even 7 years after the install. They are the golden boys of Dalton, Smitherman and Gerretsen and it seems they write whatever rules they want. I am sure the “Ireland” company was an effort to “confuse the public” as suggested by the Liberals Sussex Strategy group.
    Criminal activity, endorsed by your government. Any good criminal lawyer with a care could have a heyday with an injunction and shut these folks down with the history and the available evidence.

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