NextEra has surveillance on young family for FOUR days

OPP does NOTHING!!! This is happening right now in the Adelaide wind project – this is disgusting invasion of privacy! The family feels like they are under house arrest.


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  1. From the sounds of it – it sounds like NexTerror is running the province !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a joke this province is!!!!!!

      It is ironic, really, that the powers that be have divided these two languages of man’s law and the Bible (church and state). I now understand that this was an important step in conquering the minds of men within the powerful G20 nations. We must understand that there is no true redemption for mankind in the legal law, for the law of men only deals with strawmen – artificial persons that are created as fictions of law and owned by government. Thus a living man will never find remedy in legal law alone while acting as a legal fictional person, and certainly not in the constitution that created that legal fiction.

      • Keep following the masses and stay in your pasture and you continue to loose your actually powers you gave away with consent,although through non disclosure
        They gave you enough hints and with me stating so many of these facts on comments section, you should have no more excuses.
        Once fraud reveal all contracts are broken. Hint ,hint,wake up? maybe?
        This way you stand in truth,and in universal law,and no fighting or protesting. They are DONE! Peace!
        Just need more to wake up to this fraud,Cannot stress it enough.

    • well be aware that laser bugs are being used including drones above homes and the laser picks up your heartbeat, it can hear you breath at night it can feel your pain in your body so get my drift–its called rape and your government is doing it to you.

  2. WT?
    I heard from our local MPP that some wind reps…CanAcre?…are even following landowners around, harassing them, if they refuse to sign. No kidding.

  3. During the Waco “tragedy”, one tactic that was used was to rig up a massive sound system and loop the sounds of tortured rabbits over and over and over and over again in hope the Branch Dividians would capitulate. I don’t condone this by any means. But it is legal, right?

    • Legal is not lawful.
      Legal belongs to the slaves sort of to speak (those that claim joiner to the copywrite name follows under legal bull poop)
      I am not a joiner to the name fraud,how many can claim that? Doing that you stay in honour and universal law,which is do no harm to others.
      Lawyers and judges state they are exempt of this name fraud.thru there law society. You cannot belong to it! unless you become a lawyer.

  4. You can see what is going to start to happen! people are going to start to take matters into their own hands! – because they have been lied to by the government and turbine companies and the police seem to be turning their backs on the people!!! – and this is in Ontario!????

  5. In all seriousness. If I had a van parked outside my house for 4 days, I would ask them to leave while on video, answering to why they chose to park there every day. You’d hope that would do the trick.

    • Because they are non participants. Because they have held a sign at a protest.

      We’ve been told every different reason under the sun that this family is under surveillance: “monitoring areas where there maybe vandalism: (I know of none in this area); “We are looking out for the safety of your kids” (they are in school, dickhead); “You’re opposed to wind turbines” (is that a crime?). “I get paid to sit here” – and no he will not provide his name.

      I stopped by at this van the other night and asked him what the hell they were doing – he had a ledger full of handwritten notes – the page was packed full. His excuse was the potential for vandalism warranted constant surveillance. Others have been told it’s for their ‘children safety’ and basically “your against turbines so you asked for this” (not quite those words, but the police seem to be taking this line. Note this family has NEVER done anything that warrants this. I’m shocked and outraged that this is happening and the police have done nothing except add insult to injury saying it’s legal to do this and maybe you should go talk to your council (Adelaide-Metcalfe!!). Let’s go sit outside Tom Bird, the cops’s or Kathleen Wynne’s house and monitor their every move with cameras and such – oh yeah, and take pictures of their kids too. Think that would warrant police action??)

      • Lets get these Liberal bums out of office! vote them OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You know that is the best idea I have heard so far!! fight fire with fire!!!! – it makes you wonder if they are watching you so much what heck are they trying to hide!!!!

  6. I agree with 1957chev — these people must be video-tapped. I suggest it be very obvious from the front steps of the home, then approach the vehicle, then see if they will answer any questions. Make sure the video is posted on a site such as YouTube – share it with anyone that will listen.
    This is intimidation for sure and what sounds like *STALKING*.

    Perhaps the property owners can turn on a few sprinklers – in their general direction. ;o)
    Invite protestors over with signs to surround the vehicle. Bet the cops will come then.

    Just do whatever it takes to show them that you are not willing to put up with this obvious harassment and that you won’t back down.

    • Next Era had hired a Sarnia based security firm. This happens on many construction job sites to-day because of theft. There are thieves that would think nothing of stealing a skid steer loader or even a large piece of equipment.
      The Security firm is not there to harass anybody. There is local paranoia.

      • I beg to differ!! yes there is theft t ! but and I mean but – this s exactly what happened out in Caledonia not with the turbines – but with question of land ownership!! the OPP went as far as to put in cameras in a young couples house!! now if that is not an invasion of privacy – I don’t know what is!! – also the OPP placed themselves along with the native Indians all around Caledonia !! – same thing that is happening here!! – it is called intimidation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • There isn’t vandalism here – there are tonnes of workers and next to zero locals in this area. This van has been told to sit in front of this family’s house, take pictures of them (yes they admitted to that).

        This damn well is harassment. Think about it. This family has done nothing but report like any sane local on what they witness happening around their home (speeding, uncovered loads, trespassing – oh yeah, the day in the life of a person living on a turbine road). THAT’S IT.

        If the vehicle drove site to site, that would be different. Or didn’t leave his spot as soon as this family leaves their home for town, maybe I’d agree with you. How would you like a camera flash going off as you turn to go in your house. How would you like to send your kids out to play right beside this person who is clearly documenting everything they do, and takes their pictures. It’s sounds ridiculous, and like paranoia, but it’s actually happening – perhaps you have to see it to believe it.

      • Having a stranger sitting outside my house, taking photos of my children whenever they are outside, sounds rather perverse to me . . .

      • Good idea sending film to Sun News (Ezra Levant !!) they are doing a documentary/film on the (cancer in the sky) Wind Turbines!!!)

  7. And in case you typed in that web address and it took you to a pub in Sarnia (I guess they do all kinds of things – I wasn’t sure if they were delivering supper or taking notes on me when I approached the van – but I didn’t smell any supper…) – this is the company that is doing the “investigating” :

    • Could Mr/Ms Indiscreet Hughes be not very good at their job? I’ve never seen a PI so obvious while having someone under surveillance.

      Nope, must be intimidation, just like the overhead cranes ready to fall on the public road. I’d suggest the homeowner under surveillance not travel those roads.

    • Hey Lyn? Maybe while they do a doc on cancer in the skies ,they can also show pics of the deliberate spraying chemicals in skies from planes. And they are not jet exhausts.
      Chem trails.
      Just with wind turbines and chem trails to fracking,to drinking water,denying us cures for cancer to poisoning us with GMOs.,and you think by voting another pimp to sell us along will be a solution? NOPE. Starts with you or go back to ground hog day syndrome

      • Hey nonvoter!! – I am not saying that one political group is not any more corrupt than the other!! – but BUT what I do know is that the LIBERALS have ruined Ontario!! it doesn’t take a rocket Scientist to know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plain and simple we have to get them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I don’t get your reference to ground hog day!!???

      • Nonvoter!! I also wanted to mention the fact by contacting the Ezrea Levant at Sun News will get this story out to the masses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – as they are doing a documentary on it!!!!

  8. If it were up to me, I’d park vehicles on both his back & front bumpers so he can’t move his van. Then I’d bring a hay wagon & park it blocking his view of the house – I don’t believe there’s any law on how close you can park to another vehicle. He’ll get awful tired of sitting there not seeing anything, and also being hemmed in, as he is doing to the homeowner.

  9. A photo of the vehicle plate numbers is needed and post a no tresspassing sign on the property.

  10. The same thing happened decades ago, when the government was trying to exppropirate land to bill the Pickering airport. My friend saw a van parked at the bottom of her driveway every day, for hours. She was home alone with small children. She phoned the police and said she thought her home was being cased for a robbery. Turned out it was people from the “expropriation” committee.
    This is apparently a very old trick of the government

  11. All I can add is that if some ahole was taking pictures of me and my family outside my house…it would be much more miserable for them to hang around.

    That’s what I don’t quite get about this post. Why is this family allowing this?

  12. When the property is posted no trespassing then taking photos of the residents who live there could be trespassing. Notes on people who live there could also be the same as trespassing.
    Good advice to park other vehicles there so there is no room to park.

  13. they did park where they were, and they just moved up a few car lengths. The asshole was asked to move twice by the family.

    He is paid by Next terror to sit there and make the homeowners feel like they are under house arrest as if the whole living on an access road isnt already horror enough for the last 5 months and counting.

    when families go to the bus and get mail or carry in groceries, or just have company they are all under the magnifying glass, how is a family just living at home in the wrong?

    The idiot sits outside for around 11 hours at a time. I didnt read this in any wind farm community welcoming group draft? Perhaps you only get royal treatment if your a leased owner!

    The police could care less, this would never be allowed to happen in London!

    Next terror indeed lives up to their name in so many ways!

  14. Raise a stink. Get your signs and a few people and keep screaming until the cops and the media show up. Then scream louder. Take lots of pictures and video real close up.

    The police could probably lay charges against the security or threaten to lay charges if they had a reason to
    (c) obstructs, interrupts or interferes with the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property; or
    (d) obstructs, interrupts or interferes with any person in the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property.

    • In case my message wasn’t clear.
      “There is this weirdo parked in front of my house for the last 4 days taking pictures of my kids. There is no way in hell that I going to let my kids outside with this weirdo hanging around. My family can no longer enjoy my property with this weirdo outside.”

  15. Why the can i not put my comments on! Last few days,spy s on this site too? Or just not functioning? Or comments to truthful that you cannot accept?

    • You’ve been busted by the almighty moderator of the site! Careful now, play nice. Next time you may be banned from the site. We do not want to be recognized as violent anti wind haters! I guess we are expected to lay down and take it. Until one is a victim of a company like Next TERROR, they just don’t get it.
      Don’t expect much more than talk from Ontarians.
      Call the police. Call them again and again. The guy in the van is harassing you, intimidating you, bullying you. Tell the police you feel “threatened”. Take the name and badge number of the police.
      Protect yourself and your family.
      I hope the shoulder of the road isn’t littered with nails 😉
      Protest, be loud, be heard. Call the police first – for your own protection. Request police presence. It seems whatever party calls the cops first gets the support. It takes them a while to figure it out and by then, it’s often too late. And definitely call the press.

      • Something like this happened out in Caledonia- only on a bigger scale!! – a home on #5 highway was a target for the six nations!! – the OPP were called many many times! then then what happened you will never guess!! ! – the OPP put hidden camera etc etc inside this house!! now you talk about am invasion of privacy!! – the natives were saying this couple were targeting them!! -not true!! so when the couple found out about the cameras etc. – they called the News Papers and media – SMARTMOVE!! – long story short!!! if you go along #5 highway and you see Gord’s Garage – the house sat to the right of it!! – gone you say torn down!! – guess why??? – I don’t think I need to explain!! unfortunately Ontario s a poorly ran province!!! – you cannot tell the crooks from the good guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • As far and wide you can see that our lives in our communities are not yours or ours anymore.
      What you have is money driven,wealthier,outsiders from to Queens Park,running your affairs to the way THEY like and not your line of likes.
      Your ignorance in voting for the clowns to draw from will not help matters much,they do not give a crap about rural Ontario unless there is $ and attracting your votes like hookers in TO.
      Only bet you have is to have a everyone in your communities to demand them to get out. With knowing who you are and leave the copy-write corporate name baggage behind. otherwise your just a slave to them.
      Believe it or not it is that simple,but everyone want’s to fight,and legal this and legal that. Stand in truth and stand in law,you have the right ,you know it but you do not get it. Lawfully you have every write to protect your .Legally you do not,you choose! I like lawful and it is not the SAME!
      Do the right phcking thing once and for all. Fire with fire makes a big fire,I’d rather give them a case of chilled water of knowledge and truth than all this bullshit every one is babbling on about. All left brain chatter
      Cheers and peace to our community.
      As for cops they are policy enforcers that means collect of currency for there owners,to pay off IMF debt,city debts, and for there own paycheques

  16. I still don’t understand how nothing is done if you call the OPP and tell them there is a stalker or a pedophile taking pics of your children. I would think the police would have no choive but to get involved. If they don’t then there must be a higher level that will. I’m sure I don’t know the whole story here

    • The police are content with the fact that it is the wind company doing this – as if they have the power to do as they please in our community. They use the whole, “we know you are against wind turbines…”, as if this is a good enough excuse. Maybe it makes their job easier to have wind turbine “intelligence” following us.

      When the resident approached the police they were made to feel as if they were in the wrong, for doing nothing but living there, in the middle of a turbine hell-hole – literally – you have to see how this home is surrounded by machines and trucks all day. So will the family continue fighting this invasion of privacy, or do they feel weakened and helpless like the rest of the people living with wind turbines? You all know the answer. And that is exactly what NexTerror wanted to happen.

  17. Take some very clear and close pictures of the driver, license plates and truck and post them for the world to see with a heading: “Terrorist”………………look up the definition!

  18. Why do the mayor and CAO (hired help) – get a free pass?
    They are responsible.
    They gave NextEra the building permits.
    They should be on the construction sites.

    Municipal Election Year!

  19. Government has a way of messing up. Wind Turbines are just another failure. Just a message to them that Jesus Christ will not look upon them with favour.
    When they meet him Face to Face, they will have to account for their actions.
    11 “People will insult you and hurt you. They will lie and say all kinds of evil things about you because you follow me. But when they do, you will be happy. Matthew 5: 11

    It has been stated that when the family leaves the house by car, then the stalker leaves ( for a break from stalking?) Why not have a second car follow him. Let him know you are following him. Let him see that you are taking pictures of his plate number and of him. Let him call the police that he thinks he is being stalked!

    Bring much media attention to this. Friends and neighbours need to picket this paid creeps car and make lot’s of noise. NIMBY? Next It Might Be YOU!

    We must nip this form of terrorism right now. Call the RCMP and tell them that the local OPP police are allowing it as a form of keeping the peace..or protecting equipment.. Well this jerk should be near the site protecting equipment not harassing a family that has no previous history of violence!

    Surely there is some pro bono lawyer that will have this security company served with a cease and desist harassment notice to appear! Where is Julian or Eric in all this ? Any Judge would see that this type of spying behavior will TRIGGER VIOLENCE! Another Caledonia ? Sheesh, I am 200 miles away and want to walk over and deck this arrogant jerk! Even a small town lawyer will do. It gives him /her a chance for media attention and fame!

    I am thinking that NEXTERROR this crafty wind company, hired this man on purpose for a more sinister reason! It could be their intention of instigating a violent reaction from the anti wind movement so that they can cast us as the bad guy’s. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN! These parasitic wind companies are not worth going to jail for. Stop this Nexterror violence now! This form of surveillance is VIOLENCE to the family in the home. Protest big and loud. If the RCMP wont help, try Andre Marin, our Ontario OMBUDSMAN to investigate. Make a formal written complaint as well to Kathleen Wynn! Have this documented with written letters for a paper trail at all levels. Right down the time and date that you call and report to OPP, RCMP, Government officials etc. I would think that this family can sue for harassment, invasion of privacy, attempt to intimidate, frighten children and even more important, insight to riot where people could get seriously hurt.

    Nexterror , your name suits you! We are watching you! The eagles could not fight back or sue you but we can! The eagles couldn’t chase you back to Florida but we can! Call off your dogs NOW!

  21. Slate Magazine, March, 2010
    “It’s All Good”
    Ethisphere Institute article
    “Beware of corporate consulting firms offering awards for corporate ethics”
    Article explains how this works.

    Ethisphere Institute, “2014 World’s Most Ethical Companies”
    Energy And Utilities: electric
    NextEra Energy, Inc.,USA
    There are 144 companies on this list.

    • A complete “fake industry” created solely for the purpose of creating a “fraud”, perpetuation of the “fraud” and then awarding the “fraud”………………..common denominator here?………………TOTAL FRAUD!

  22. NextEra has surveillance on young family for FOUR days
    Posted on 05/09/2014 by windaction

    OPP does NOTHING!!!

    Could it have anything to do with the fact that Hughes Intelligence is run by a former OPP officer?
    The more this unfolds the more it looks like they are baiting and waiting. Waiting for citizen backlash.The van…. the crane positioning…
    I copied Dan W’s earlier comment below this contribution.

    Biography of Barry Bentley

    Position: Vice President and Director of Regional Affairs for Western Ontario

    Mr. Bentley is the President of Hughes Intelligence, after retiring from the Sarnia Police Service. Barry has 25 years of Police Service. He started his career working for the Metropolitan Toronto Police Service for 5 years, and then continued in Policing, working 20 years for the Sarnia Police Service.

    While employed by the Sarnia Police Service, he had conducted numerous general investigations and is experienced in interviewing techniques, interviewing interrogation techniques, statement admissibility, major case management and police supervision.

    Barry was involved in the creation of the Private Investigator Training Course, Security Guard Training Course and the testing for both Private Investigators and Security Guards required to be taken by all Private Investigators and Security Guards in Ontario, through the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Private Security and Investigative Services Branch.

    Barry has been qualified as an expert in court and has provided evidence as a Collision Reconstructionist. Barry has been assigned as an acting Sergeant in charge of the Sarnia Police Traffic Division, also an acting Sergeant on a platoon level. Prior to his retirement, he was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Branch as a Detective to investigate violent crimes and sexual assaults. Barry has conducted surveillance throughout his years as a Police Officer.

    With Barrys extensive background and expertise in collision investigation, interviewing techniques, case management, surveillance, court preparation and testifying, he conducts investigations, surveillance and case presentation, as well as overseeing and managing day to day operations within the company.

    Dan Wrightgman says:

    05/10/2014 at 15:48


    Are the Liberals including surveillance of families as some of the “Green” jobs resulting from the GEA?

    Article from 2009

    “We’ll probably go to 80 or 90 employees by the summer,” he said. “We’re filling a void created by new legislation.”

    Bentley said his company, which is involved in personal, event and general security, saw an opening after the Ontario government passed a law requiring security personnel to be “licensed, equipped, trained annually and uniformed.”


    The Observer

    Amid all the economic doom and gloom has come a good news story – an established Sarnia company is about to expand.

    Barry Bentley of Hughes Intelligence on Christina Street said Wednesday his firm will add 70 to 80 employees to the 10 full-time workers it currently has on its payroll.

    “We’ll probably go to 80 or 90 employees by the summer,” he said. “We’re filling a void created by new legislation.”

    Bentley said his company, which is involved in personal, event and general security, saw an opening after the Ontario government passed a law requiring security personnel to be “licensed, equipped, trained annually and uniformed.”

    The legislation was passed at the end of last year

    In future, Bentley said, events such as concerts and baseball tournaments with beer tents will be required to have trained security people on hand. “They’re being mandated to have licensed security guards, that’s where the demand comes in. We’re going to be making every possible effort to fill that void.”

    Hughes personnel, he continued, will be trained in the power of arrest and the use of force.

    Bentley said his company, which has been in Sarnia for 12 years, also hopes to expand the territory it serves in the not-too-distant future.

    “Our goal is to do Grand Bend, Corunna and see where we can go from there.”

    The company also does, “a lot of private investigations in Ontario” and will continue to do so, he said.

  23. After reading most of the comments in a FP article about the poll numbers and the comming election it is evident that ~95% of the commentors don’t have a clue as to what is taking place in Ontario and thanks to a large part of the lack of coverage by the MSM.
    The Ontario energy fiasco has to be covered up at all costs so that the money involved in this fiaco is protected.

  24. Covering-up–
    the bodies of 4 men who died in an airplane
    crashing into Nextera wind turbines in South Dakota, USA.


    And Happy Mothers’ Day All!

    • Hi Barbara nothing surprises me anymore!! not to take the thunder away from the wind turbines !! but what is happening to everyone one who heats with oil!! watch out they are making everyone replace their tanks!! we had a new one put in our house in 1997 (inside) nothing wrong with it! but because the insurance companies and the Ontario government have charge the rules *for example the legs that the tanks are sitting on – should be change etc) tanks have to be replaced at your expense!! thousands of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and then I have just found out that in Bimbrook the turbine company has taken down a eagles’ nest!! people are really pissed!! someone is going to get hurt!!! truly a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and after all is said and done I mostly certainly am NOT proud to be a Canadian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! truly shameful what is going on!!!!!

  25. Street Insider
    Royal Bank of Canada owns 66,544,957 shares of Suncor Energy Inc.

    Royal Bank of Canada Board includes:
    Richard George, O.C., & Pres. of Suncor Energy Products.
    Suncor Energy Products has the IWT projects.

    Lyn, have no idea why people can’t follow the money trails or they just don’t want to believe the information.

  26. With municipal election this November we can vote for mayor, deputy mayor, and councillors who will work in our best interests. Unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to vote for a CAO or other higher level staff. In some areas it appears that the CAO is the ‘tail wagging the dog’.

  27. check into the licences of the security people that hughes employ. ask to see his licence.they have to be licensed. i agree with windstream88 block the sucker in. theres NO way someone would be taking pictures of my kids.
    Rural Ontario needs to ban together election or not. this goes way too far.We need to defend our rights.

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