Election time in rural Ontario

near Strathroy


7 thoughts on “Election time in rural Ontario

    • Here’s a big scoop
      Watch this as things are falling apart ‘Babylon is Falling’,lets add Wind turbines are falling along with it

      • Hey all you lawyer pimps,wind pimps,all clergies,all public servants and yes to all you MOE dumb asses that approve all these turbines,your game is up! See the above Vid and I hope you wilt and sputter out of our communities. YOUR DONE!

  1. Road improvements are included in the Road Use Agreements with individual municipalities and Counties and are payed for completely by the wind company. IF the county or municipality is difficult and chooses not to enter into a Road Use Agreement with the wind company, and the wind company is able to move forward and complete their project with out one (no itersections / turns need widening) then the cost is absolutely on the tax payer.

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