Hudak vows to pull the plug on wind power

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It’s time to blow off expensive subsidies to wind and solar power, PC Leader Tim Hudak says. The Progressive Conservatives would, if elected to govern, refuse to sign any more renewable energy deals at high rates of return and focus on creating an electricity system reliant on gas, hydro operations and nuclear power. A Tory government would also give more control to local municipalities over the siting of wind projects, he said.

“If people can have a say about a hot dog stand going in for a Canada Day celebration, shouldn’t they have a say about massive industrial wind turbines in their backyard?” Hudak said. The PCs say they will not proceed with any wind or solar applications that have not been already approved.

Those projects that have been approved but not yet connected to the grid would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Such a move would save $20 billion and help businesses create 40,000 jobs through more affordable electricity — numbers confirmed by an independent economist brought in by the PCs, Hudak said. Read article

51 thoughts on “Hudak vows to pull the plug on wind power

  1. Hey Tim…… What of us poor rural “slobs” who have to live with these damnable Wind “Farms”?? Are we expected to live with this industrialization of our rural homes (many of these going back generations) without any recourse whatsoever?? Great for those who may escape but what about those of us who are destined to live with these unwanted and unwarranted installations, for the rest of our natural lives?? What, if anything, are you prepared to do for US?? I’m guessing NOTHING?? If they are, indeed, a BAD IDEA moving forward, what makes them acceptable for those of us who have no recourse but to endure?

    • get municipalities to pass quiet night noise by-laws based on WHO recommendations. such by-laws would force IWTs permitted under lax unenforced MOE rules to be shutdown at night. Hudak says he supports giving municipalities more say.

      The MOE permitted those gas plants also that the LIBs pulled the plug on at a cost of $1 billion to save two Liberal seats.

  2. Some one has to start some where!! I say go for it Tim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I say lets do it without them. No vote as you have nothing to win with jokers to the left and jokers to the right. Here you are in the middle and yes you are it. Phuck them all Waste of your time and there ignorance Ignorance is voting for something that really has no value and to allow them to rule over you? That is asking the fox to guard the hen house. They are all pathetic no substance. Just because you “THINK” you have to vote for one is a mistake. Your duty? I doubt it,brain wash thinking.

  3. I am with you John, Sometimes I think Hudak works mostly to get seats in the GTA but also throws us a bone. I am not sure yet whether to bury it or run with it. He is very careful not to say anything about the IWT that are up or anything about the people suffering and what his government plans to do about the issue.. This must be answered. We should think more of ourselves Lyn than be happy to run after any crumbs that are thrown. Just my opinion!!

  4. What is Hudak planning to do about industrial wind projects that aren’t yet approved but have contracts? If he doesn’t promise to do something to stop those before they devastate rural communities, we should think twice about relying on him.

  5. Oh! we have a winner, Lets see how many gullible slaves we can pick off.
    When we get in will make sure our investors funding this party gets there way first and of course the richest voters the Golden Horseshoe. Scrapes for the rest of the rate payer citizens and that would be rural

    $$$$ Money,money honey It’s a rich man’s world. How true it is. Lies.lies lies.

    • Hey nonvoter! I guess you don’t VOTE!!!!!!! – news flash I live in a rural area!!! and yes I hope he does win!! because he is a heck of allot better than what is in there now!! – in the perfect world I would like to see each and every wind turbine in Ontario down!!!! – that is not going to happen!!! but one can hope it will stop!! – and why I I say hope because we don’t have the guts like the US people do!!! – they would have them shut down themselves!!!!!! -so actions speak louder than words!! so stop being so negative!!

      • Negative? I see ignorance in voting for a few jokers in a party hat just to put someone into office to in force their ideas onto others that some do not agree with is absolutely negative and ridiculous . Just because we are outnumbered does not mean they have jurisdiction over me without my consent.
        But again you may have Stockholm syndrome or the groundhog day flu. Either way enjoy your box they provide for those that like to stay in there fraudulent system.
        I’m just planting seeds but some do not have a very good germination environment, but you never know it might just germinate sooner or later. The sooner would be a positive1 Ya,that would be great news!

      • Exercise YOUR RIGHT to vote! and if you don’t -don’t complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lyn ! No matter who you vote for your phucked! End of story! I am not complying with any jokers. Jokers you have if you vote and the joke is on you.
      Who will complain? You I would think.
      I am not falling for their fraud or your misconception that I should vote as for a duty for others. My free will stands and they will not put me in your box or there’s. I am outside of your box of toxic garbage. I just have to live with all of you’s crying the bad ol babysitters are not treating us well.
      Welcome to your own nightmare. There is a remedy but you rather swallow there pill of ills.

      • Dear Nonvoter!!! – If you do not exercise your right to vote don’t complain!! and you do complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – well you really say allot and the long and the shot of it you mean NOTHING!!!! – I don’t sit here all day and add my comments here! I actually get out there and try to help!!!!!! – frankly I cannot understand half of what the heck you are trying to say!!! – lets get the turbines stopped!!! – Vote PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If you don’t vote or get out and help in this election then the NDPs and Libs will be returned to office. And it’s certain what this will lead to.
    All the NDPs refused to vote for the health moratorium on IWTs so this should rule all of them out.
    No choice left unless there are independent candidates to vote for.
    The lesser of the evils again.

      • X ACT LIE They are all jokers and to allow one to vote on another joker is a joke on all of us.
        Not to vote and maybe we will get the wicked witch to rule over us is fear porn. No vote means you do not want a joke to joke around with your private lives and your freedom. Voting is giving your freedom in the hands of lunatics. Is that what you are scaring me into if I do not Vote?
        My free will and my right not to be governed by lunatics. I’m out of there fraud system. I’ll stand in lawful truth and you guys can be ruled by legal fraud fiction. Yes! there is a big difference.
        Were do they get authorization to have jurisdiction over us? Are we not equal? So long as you do not harm another [wo]man no one has ownership of another to steal or charge him without there consent that is called slavery.
        Stop the vote fraud own your selves,be a [wo]man

      • Exercise your right to VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don’t vote!!!!! ! – don’t complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s time to play the democracy game. Behind me on the stage I have the 4 ‘shafts’. We have the PC Blue Shaft, The Liberal Red Shaft, The NDP Orange Shaft and the Green (wait for it….) Green Shaft. Step into the little booth, choose which colour you like and then bend over, because, HERE COMES THE SHAFT!

    But remember – it’s the democracy game and if you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the colour of the shaft.

    I’m actually trying to get through the paperwork to be the NOTA Party Candidate for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex – NOTA as in None Of The Above. I don’t have a shaft and I don’t want to win. I’m just a place for people like me who don’t trust ANY of them, to be able to say, NONE OF THE ABOVE.

    But I must admit, Hudak scares me so much that if I thought he was going to win, I’d be tempted to vote Liberal. I wouldn’t actually do it because it would offend my ethics to vote for any of them.
    This won’t win me many friends, but I don’t care. Hudak is Ontario’s answer to Harper – but without the charisma or brains – and that’s setting the bar pretty low.

    Even this close to the election he won’t even pretend he’s going to take down turbines – might lose some campaign funding, eh?

  8. Don’t know where this charisma thing came from but Hitler sure had a lot of charisma. If some of the world’s geatest leaders had to go on TV today they never would have been elected because they would not look nice on TV.

    • Because even if you have nothing else going for you, charisma can still get you elected. Since, in my opinion, he has nothing going for him but the hopes of naïve voters who don’t understand what he’s about, I’m relieved that he doesn’t have any charisma.
      If he were even half as charismatic as Diefenbaker, he could be our next premier, and it just doesn’t bear thinking about what a tragedy that would be.

      Not that the alternatives are much brighter. I have trouble continuing sometimes.

      • Are you kidding me!! Defenbaker was the one that scraped the Avro Air project one of the biggest biggest blunders in Canadian History!! unfortunately none of the candidates really have any presence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but folks we can’t let the Liberals get into power again in Ontario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I agree with Bob on his last comments I to have trouble continuing sometimes because it seems it is all a snatch and grab here!! lets just keep our eyes on our target which is the Wind Turbines!! lets get them stopped before they do anymore damage !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • neither socialist trickle down (e.e. give the unionists moaar entitlements)
        nor crony capitalist trickle down (e.g. give the bankers tax cuts to boost dividends and stock prices) is going to to turn the western economies around.

        right now those who saved for their own retirement are being fleeced by both the left (to pay for the infinite entitlements) and the right (to pay for subsidies and tax cuts of crony corporates in whom union pension funds get invested) and big spending government (yes that includes Harper Cons) who are getting cheap low interest money compliments of co=ordinated action by western central banks. Sucks if you are living on savings and can’t bring yourself to handing your life savings over to the money changers. But the cheap money makes for a great party for now anyway and Ms. Wynne is going to borrow and spend us into prosperity (while robbing seniors of savings and turning kids into debt slaves).

        Forget the left vs. right debate cuz its a BS debate as real as All Star Wrestling cuz in this country there is no real left..just a pseudo left in bed with the crony capitalists. Think Green CON Fed subsidized IWTs being built by Lib unionists!

        The diff between Lib and Con comes down to which bunch of cronies get to feed from the trough first.

        All else being equal, there is a marked difference in platforms re. IWTs that should be taken into consideration.

  9. Often when people are realist they will be refered to as being negative. So what! I value negative truth over bullshit any day.
    You poor country peasants having to put up with iwts in your back yard and poor health. Too bad for you; collateral damage. Just think of it as the complete giving of yourself, your body, your home, your family…for the good of others and the financial gain of the green energy business and government scoundrels.

    The renewable energy scam is a global issue. Do people not want to believe this? Brainwashed, stupid, scared,or, all of the above? If you can’t help your own sorry asses, too bad for you. People don’t care for the most part until it affects them.

    Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance will be the cause of your demise. Wake up.

    • Henry you are so right most of the time people don’t give rats ass- until it affects them!! -but do I say too bad for you !!!!!!! – no I don’t because there is NO excuse for being ignorant !!!!! – I came back from a call yesterday! from Smithville where!! this family has to sell their house because of the effects of the turbines!!! – so when you say poor country pheasants !!!!! – so what does that make the rest of the people brainless city dwellers !!!????? – lets do the right thing folks get out and vote – get the Liberals bums out of Ontario !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hopefully we came stop this turbine cancer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. There should have been a change in PC leadership a long time ago. Perhaps Tim Hudak is starting to “come into his own” but it’s probably too late. Like many others, I suggested to the president of the party that Vic Fidelli would make a great leader but it fell on deaf ears. I’m not that impressed with any of the leaders right now – I think they’re all throwing darts with blindfolds on, hoping to hit the bullseye. Now that the public and press have got hold of Hudak’s pledge to cut public sector jobs, the teachers are up in arms as are many public servants. They don’t bother to read the small print – that it will be done through attrition etc. Voters are fickle and don’t want to do their homework. Sorry state of affairs in Ontario and it looks like the feds are steering us in the same direction.

    • Voters should not have to read the small print when it comes to major platform policies.

      Hudak et al have not done a good enough job in explaining how public service jobs will be eliminated through attrition, etc. and replaced by private sector jobs.

      Remember, the reasonable idea of asking convicts to get their asses out of bed to clean up the roadsides morphed into “chain gangs” and turned off plenty of voters.

      Hudak has had more than enough time to polish his delivery to clearly get his message out.

  11. Reading comprehension class!

    Approved Wind – screwed – if not hooked up.
    Who’s sweating?

    ‘[excerpt] The PCs say they will not proceed with any wind or solar applications that have not been already approved.

    Those projects that have been approved but not yet connected to the grid would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    Such a move would save $20 billion and help businesses create 40,000 jobs through more affordable electricity — numbers confirmed by an independent economist brought in by the PCs, Hudak said.’

    Vote Conservative!

    • Hi free Thinker!! I agree with you!! I can only speak from experience – I have contacted Tim Hudaks’s office up several times on issues regarding Turbines! _ I have always gotten a reply!!! – it took over 150 emails to the premier of this PROVINCE to get a letter from her not answering my questions but passing the buck!! Election time not a good idea!! Ms. Horvath promised to have the tax taken off of heating fuel – NEVER did! but approved the Liberal;s last 2 budgets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      VOTE CONSERVIEATIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Any PC leader who vowed to pull the plug on IWTs would have anything & everything thrown at them that anyone could even think of.
    Every time Suncor stock drops by just $1, RBC loses $66 million. So where does anyone think the pressure on the PCs will come from? Big time money to be lost by pulling the plug on IWTs.

    • Hi Barbara!! you seem to be well versed in wind turbines, utilities, local politics, Provincial Politics and probably International Politics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – any smart person with a ounce of common sense will vote to get the liberals out of government!!!!!!!!!!!! – unfortunately we do not have a 2 party system – hence votes getting split!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (with anymore than a 2 party system) and I don’t care what way you say put or even sugar coat it!!!! the PC’s are the only hope in this province to get the Liberals out!!! there is NO party that is the be all end all!!!! and I am not going to give anybody figures and Psycho back talk !!!! Barbara how do you feel about the Liberals, NDP’ – PC’s – Green Party and how about line your own pockets party?????

  13. Is the proposed Ontario Pension plan just another way of financing Ontario IWTs?
    Who’s brain child is this anyway?

  14. TIM and the pc’s are shutting down fit overpayment subsidies if elected which will shut the nonsense green energy down quick…all they need is a majority win… if all you whiners are content to not vote,you’ll get the government you deserve,and turbines and bills and more shiney trinkets to keep you entertained……pc’s can get us back in the black with enough good people support…willing to take the medicine needed to recover from this liberal disease…

  15. The line your own pockets party will back any party willing to back IWTs.
    Big difference this election is that rural Ontarians know who the members of the line your pockets party are.
    Then there are international connectionss here as well.

    • Barbra!! every party in Ontario/Canada has some sort of line your own pockets policies!!! & political whores so to speak of – no party is perfect!!!!!! – I just want to see a government who is fair and equitable to all and to including me who happens to live in rural Ontario running a fruit farm!! and believe you me it is no walk in the park the way the Liberals have screwed with the famers!!! – they say Good Things Grow in Ontario!!! – wait to see how many fruit farms will be left in the Niagara area if the Liberals get back in!!

  16. Lisa MacLeod PC Energy critic and likely next Energy minister has been crystal clear where her party stands on wind power. She has also been evident at all meetings and demonstrations in her riding which is threatened with an industrial wind factory. She assured us more than once that a PC government will move quickly to lessen the FIT tariffs and enact a moratorium on all new construction. She is obviously a person of influence and a likely leadership contender some day.
    In Ont we have one party who dreamed up the whole GEA, egged on by cronies in the wind energy industry, Mike Crawley anyone?. Another party aided and abetted them at every turn, supporting all wind development policy and voting with the government.

    The third party is the PC party, for people considering which group to vote for the choice is pretty obvious. If enough committed voters actually turn up, Tim Hudak has a good shot at being next Premier.

    • Hi Martin!! I sure hope that you are right!!! – I live in rural Ontario and run a fruit farm and let me tell you it is no walk in the park!! the way that the Liberals have screwed with the farmers!!!! and yes I think the choice should be as plain as the nose on your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vote PC – GET THE LIBERALS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. With a PC government rural people will have backing which they don’t have now.
    Federal election is next year and Cons. need rual Ontario votes to win a majority.

  18. Vote all trash out! Hey Lyn be good to yourself You believe in this game of parties,right?
    Like to fill you in, they all party with you for your money,and they win,not you and then party without you.
    So lets say you were never informed of full disclosure on the fraud and you went along with it ,would a judge still prosecute you as a participant to the fraud? You may not get a harsher fine but you still are acted in fraud and thus guilty
    This system is acting in fraud as what I been trying to send out in my comments. They set us up in this fraud and you are up to you neck in it,like it or not you and all of us are. Hard to accept but true. Why did they not stop IWT due to the precautionary principle? Cause they have there own set of legal rules,and all things legal is fraud. Most will never grasp the enormity of this great fraud but it is now exposed.
    Once fraud is exposed you and I can put the light on this darkness of this fraud then all contracts are broken as such wind turbine contracts.
    So vote all you want and you gave your free will away to fraudsters and become a participant of the fraud. You get what I mean now why I do not Vote? My free will is then corrupted and gave away to parasites which will feed on me. Take more of my currency. I lost my farm,my retirement . Do I want them to rape me anymore? DAM NO!

    • Lets get one thing straight I don’t believe what most of the parties are telling me!! good god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – but do I want the Liberals old HELL yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am I proud of being a Canadian living in Ontario Hell NO!!!! – am I going to vote HELL yes!!! – because I have the right to vote!!t! just as you have the right to vote or NOT!! – and I said this in one small comment!! – and you should check with the Law Society of Upper Canada regarding some of your comments!!! -I started commenting on this site for info regarding turbines – and how we can make a difference!! – but it has turned into something else!! folks get out and vote!!! get the Liberal bums out of Ontario !!!!

      • One thing in common we hate IWT.
        But you are focus on one thing,where I look at the problem at a large scale which helps the whole. As the pimps you are asking to pimp us out is like having your kids hold a loaded gun. they steal and rob and enslave us and continuously keep us in fraud and actually harm us.
        I am not even close to that backwards thinking anymore,I once was so I can relate to it and understand your thinking
        Sorry done that and does not work.
        Doing this and it works. Remedy that is what Im looking for.
        Your pushing for the same only different colours.
        Happiness and much love.

      • I also hate IWT’s, but your psycho-babble
        is boring. Peace & Love.

      • I can assure you my comments are not psycho-babble !!! I do not talk about myself in the third person party!!!! – nor do I quote lines from movies nor do I say allot and mean NOTHING!!!! I am not the be all end all – but I do get out there and try to help with this turbine situation – whether it be regarding human issues regarding property issues but most important to me is the wildlife – and I can assurance you that while I was out at 12 midnight or later taking pictures and watching what the hell was going on !! regarding the turbine sites – and what have you done??????????????? – so don’t give me your crap about psycho -babble that is not what I do – maybe you are mistaking me for yourself!!! get out and vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Dear Barbara,
    Any chance for some more “big fish eats little fish” analogy?

  20. Algonquin might be a takeover or merger by/with Emera as they now have over 26% stake in Algonquin and would pick up Algonquin’s U.S. energy businesses.

  21. Lyn at 10:53

    Usually cannot post a direct reply.
    Psycho-babble reference is to utter
    nonsense spouted by nonvoter directly
    below your comment.

    • Those of you that do not get it is utter nonsense. I really do see it from your prospective,but thankfully I lost the veils Cheers

      • nonvoter – I believe I would need the aid of a hallucinogenic
        to facilitate clarity of your philosophy, but to each his own.
        Hope you find your veils.

    • Hi there!! sorry for what I said to you!! – I though maybe there was another non voter on this site!! – I would like to see this wind turbine situation stopped dead it’s tracks!!!!!!! – I am awaiting to hear from the MNR and the Energy Minister!! maybe I will have to emailed them over 150 times before they answer my questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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