Belle River Wind Turbine Expansion – more???

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Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. is moving ahead with plans to install another 40 wind turbines in Belle River. Samsung and Pattern Energy are taking over the Belle River Wind Farm from International Power Canada Inc. The Belle River Wind Farm currently has 120 turbines.

“We know the general geographical area, it’s the area probably between 42 and the lake, somewhere between Puce Rd. and Rochester Rd. We don’t know specific locations. Samsung will negotiate with individual land owners and make a deal with them,” says Lakeshore’s Director of Community and Development Services Steve Salmons. “We’ve seen more activity in the last two weeks than we’ve seen in the last two years.” Read article

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    [Wind Turbine] companies to be liable for $1B even when not at fault
    Federal [wind turbine] safety announcement introduces concept of ‘absolute liability’

    The federal government is introducing legislation to make companies of all federally regulated [wind turbines] responsible for the first $1 billion in cleanup costs from a spill, even when they’re not at fault.

    Speaking Wednesday in Vancouver, Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford said the government is building on [wind turbine] safety legislation it introduced last year.

    “All companies will continue to have unlimited liability when at fault or negligent,” he said.

    Rickford said the government will also introduce legislation to give the National Energy Board (NEB) expanded powers, including the authority to take over and fund [wind turbine] spill cleanups in worst-case scenarios.

    “The government of Canada will ensure that the National Energy Board has the resources it needs for spill cleanup and that those costs are recovered from industry to ensure that taxpayers are protected,” said Rickford.

    “In these exceptional circumstances, the government is prepared to cover the initial cost of incident response, and the National Energy Board will recover costs from [wind turbine] companies.”

    Rickford said the NEB will be given the authority to order reimbursement of any cleanup costs incurred by government, communities or individuals.

    “The new measures will ensure companies are fully liable and provide compensation for damage to the environment and property in the event of a spill,” he said.

    The NEB will also be given the power to provide guidance on the use of best technologies when building federally regulated [wind turbines] including construction methods, and emergency response techniques.

    Under the proposed legislation, companies would be required to maintain a cleanup cash reserve of at least $100 million to ensure they have the financial resources to respond to incidents and remedy damage without delay.

    A key part of today’s announcement is a pledge by the government to include aboriginal communities in [wind turbine] safety and planning and any related opportunities they might present.


    [excerpt] In Vaughan, [unelected Premiere Kathleen] Wynne scoffed‎ at his claim the Tories can help create 40,000 jobs by keeping a lid on electricity prices.

    “There’s a lot of fantasy going on there,” she said. “I have no idea how that connects.” ‘

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