But, but… I thought wind turbines lasted at least 20 years!

abandoned_wind_farm_hawaiiPlatts McGraw Hill Financial
NextEra Energy Resources is planning to shut two of its wind farms in Texas after both were significantly damaged by ice storms in November. The company, which describes itself as the largest renewable generator in North America, on Friday notified the Electric Reliability Council of Texas that it planned to shut the two farms in west Texas in August. The two facilities — the Delaware Mountain Wind Energy Center and the Wind Power Partners 1994 wind farm — have a combined capacity of nearly 78 MW.

“These are the first wind facilities to seek retirement in the ERCOT region,” Robbie Searcy, a spokeswoman for the grid operator, said Monday. “We made this decision for economic reasons,” NextEra spokesman Steve Stengel said. Ice storms that hit the region in November caused significant damage to the turbines at both facilities as well as the transmission system in West Texas, Stengel said. “Estimates to fix the damage exceeded the economic value of the projects,” he said. “Therefore, we made the decision to cease operations.”

Delaware Mountain began commercial operation in 1999 and has 38 750-kW turbines. NextEra acquired the facility in 2002. WPP94 began commercial operation in 1995 and has 107 365-kW turbines. NextEra acquired the facility in 2004. Read article

20 thoughts on “But, but… I thought wind turbines lasted at least 20 years!

  1. The tax breaks and subsidies for building them have probably ended, making them too expensive to maintain. It is likely that they now take tax breaks for casualty loss. Wind farms, the biggest scam in corporate history.

  2. Oopsy!
    Farmers did their due diligence (hahahaha) – added clause…. ‘we get paid – no matter what’;
    and, we’ll ‘dance – dance – dance’.

    Suck on that!

    • … they would if they could find it.

      The cold shower of reality is descending as perceived revenues are shrinking.

  3. I predict the next tall tale we hear from NextErar/ Capital Power/ Samsung/ and the company with the flooded ELECTRICAL switching station with “unforeseen water issues” (affectionately known as the “Lake K2” Project in Ashfileld-Colbourne-Wawanosh, Ontario near Goderich) will be……
    ICE storms are LESS prevalent in Canada than Texas. What a joke! If they are claiming ice is an issue in Texas wouldn’t that NECESSARILY mean ICE THROW and ice damage will be a real concern in Ontario? Community “Vibrancy Funds” and the like apply to OPERATING wind turbines – not damaged/ nonfunctional/ off-line turbines.

  4. The decommissioning and tear down of this junk with be done with the assistance of the government using YOUR tax dollars because YOU let it.
    Dumb downed enablers…
    Don’t like the sound of the truth? Then get off your sorry ass and do something about it.

    Moderator moderator we need some moderation here!!!

    • Actually the piles of wind towers and rotor blades still show on google earth today

  5. Anyone who wants to “strike it rich” would be smart to organize a Demolition Company to remove these eyesores in 5 or 10 years time……..I’m sure there will be massive hand outs by our Government for industrial development and job hires!!!…………….of course you and I would be on the hook for that one too!

    • BGL,
      The funeral business is another lucrative business and a very promising one in the future here in Ontario thanks to negative health effects from iwts. Seriously, this is not meant to be funny.

    • I’m sure the politician’s already have a plan to have a relative and /or crony set up a company with a lucrative contract with the government.

  6. Liberal puppet Wynne in London this afternoon, where are YOU going to be??? Egg the bus. In Russia that is how we show our affection and gratitude. Ontario is a very multicultural province. In respect of the culture of others, I invite you to join in the festivities 😉

  7. With southwestern Ontario being one of the lightning capitals of the world, don’t expect these IWTs to last too long.
    By the way a funnel cloud was spotted near McGregor, ON Monday afternoon but it did not come down to the ground. Funnels don’t have to come all the way to the ground to damage IWTs.

  8. If it’s not economical to repair, would it not be even less economical to tear them down?
    Nextera claims to have a decommissioning clause in their contracts. Worth its weight in…feathers?

  9. Hey, farmer, yeah you who gave your neighbor the shaft!?
    I hope your tractor is big enough to yank your turbine out of the ground. It’s going to be one ugly rusty eyesore for your legacy to inherit…lol

    I wonder how much a farm with a couple of these rotting old things will sell for in 20 years?

  10. Guess what, nobody takes these down and the land owner is now responsible for that little blinking red light on top or get a visit from the FAA!!!!! Ken Lay with Enron leveraged the gullible liberals with dreams of “green energy” but it was a total scam to get him tax write offs. Not green!! Get that?? NOT GREEN!

  11. I drove by the Delaware Wind Farm location on 12/29/2005, and hadn’t keep track of the decommissioning until I could no longer see the string of 30 something wind turbines which should have been on the mountain ridge.

    They have completely removed all visual traces that can be see the road near Guadalupe Mountain National Parks.

    I too wonder how this alternative energy is going to help if it is so senetive to both wind damage and ice damage. I know the area is mostly rock but you would have thought, by now, they would have considered locating the transmission lines underground since this area is widely known for freezes and high winds.

    But the winds should have been calculated in the construction. So once again, just like most of the commerical large scale solar systems; we have lost tons of money on a project that cost the taxpayers big dollars with no return and continued decommissioning cost.

    Where was Obama when they announced the recent lost of this system. He sure was eager to claim a win when it was started but he must have a sore throat on failure.

  12. Ecofiscal Commission Canada

    Advocates carbon tax and/or cap-and-trade for Ontario and Canada

    Commissioners include;
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    Paul Lanoie, INET Expert & CIGI-INET grant
    Nancy Olewiler, INET Expert and CIGI-INET grant

    Advisory Board includes:
    Paul Martin, INET Expert
    Michael Harcourt, Appointed Member of NRTEE & Chair.- CEO of QUEST Canada


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