To understand Ontario’s election, take a careful look at your hydro bill

bill of goodsThe Record, Luisa D’Amato
It’s so easy to get sidetracked by the distractions. Ontario Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne goes for a morning jog in Kitchener’s Victoria Park, leaving a reporter out of breath as he tries to follow. Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak gets kicked off a Toronto subway when he tries to make an announcement, because his team didn’t get permission.

These events grab the headlines because they’re anecdotes, easy to tell. But they have nothing to do with what a political party will or won’t do for you if it wins. On the other hand, if you look at your hydro bill, and what each party will do about it, it tells you something significant about each of them.

The cost of electricity is a key issue. Ontario’s electricity rates have soared and are now among the highest in North America. In part, this is because of the Liberal government’s “green energy” plan that offers subsidies to those that put up wind turbines and solar panels, then sell the power back to the power grid. Read article

21 thoughts on “To understand Ontario’s election, take a careful look at your hydro bill

  1. Hydro One & OPG has been a cancer in the economy of Ontario for a long time. It should have been turned into an investor owned utility ages ago. If it had been an investor owned utility it wouldn’t have had 62% of the employees earning 6 figure salaries. And there wouldn’t be all that nepotism. Still in all I heard someone say that Hudak wants to sell it off as an ivestor owned utility, would some ‘close to Hudak’ Conservative confirm this. If so Hudak has my vote.

  2. Ontario – Wake Up!

    ‘[excerpt] Conservatives: Shock therapy: The plan is to bring electricity prices down, and therefore keep industrial employers here, by ending those Liberal subsidies for wind and solar costs, cutting the hydro bureaucracy (Hudak says there are 11,000 people making more than $100,000 a year) and buying cheap energy from the United States and Quebec.

    This election boils down to a choice: Do you like things the way they are, or do you want big changes?

    The Conservatives offer radical change. The Liberals offer their record over the past 11 years. The New Democrats offer tweaks on the Liberal program. And those basic distinctions are true of a lot more issues than just your electricity bill.’

    Gee – I wonder what Andrea and Kathleen talk about?

    Vote Conservative!

      • Hey nonvoter,

        What are you trying to do – creep me out?
        What’s there not to like?

        The girl is brilliant…………
        She burned her Obama T-shirt.

        So why is Ontario following Obama’s climate change scam?
        You know – ditch the car – ride your bike.

        Vote Conservative!

        p.s. Keep your car – enjoy the freedom!

  3. Yes do take a look at your hydro bill! my house was approx. $777.00 and the barn was approx. $95.00 – our of the $95.00 I used $11.00 worth of hydro – my delivery fee for that $11.00 was $73.05 now you tell me who is getting screwed!!!!!! It truly is sickening!! I think the Liberals would like all of us out on the streets!! – I am most certainly not proud to say that I live in Ontario Canada!!!! there is nothing nice about being raped of my hard earned MONEY!!!!!!

  4. Hey, I just posted a comment to that article, and now the comments section is GONE.
    There were a few other comments as well, not just me.
    Didn’t think, has anyone got an archive of that page?

  5. Adding a charge on Hydo bills to subsidize low income peoples’ bills is an open admission that people are being driven into energy poverty in Ontario.

    • Sorry I have enough problems paying my own bills! without paying the cash for life peoples’ bills!!!!

  6. Apparently, according to the news today, the P.C.’s lead has evaporated and MSM is predicting a Liberal Majority! I guess it’s Hudak’s election to lose?? Sounds a lot like the last go ’round! Could Ontario’s future get any worse than the last 10 years?? Oh ya!! Just give Wynne’s Liberals a MAJORITY!!

    • I’ll say it again:

      Hudak et al have not done a good enough job in explaining how public service jobs will be eliminated through attrition, etc. and replaced by private sector jobs.

      Remember, the reasonable idea of asking convicts to get their asses out of bed to clean up the roadsides morphed into “chain gangs” and turned off plenty of voters.

      Hudak has had more than enough time to polish his delivery to clearly get his message out.

      How many times can you shoot yourself in the foot before you have no toes remaining?

      • Lets just hope the PC’c keep out in the front running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • God bless you ScepticalGord, for giving us the ‘heads up’ on that Ipsos Reid poll ! I was sent into a state of shock after reading John E Foremans’ post about the PCs sudden & very much unexpected, unexplainable crash. That poll makes more sense. It also makes me wayyyy happier.
        I totally agree with you that Hudak and his MPs need to make many things more clear, as difficult a job as that is. All things considered though I think he’s doing better than the last time out. Lets hope he steadily improves, with no serious gaffes by himself or others, as normally happens to the PCs.

  7. Energy poverty is a big urban issue for Hudak along with manufacturing job loses in Ontario in just the past year.
    For every dollar that your Hydro bill increases means you have dollar less to spend on items you want.
    If urbanites want to shoulder the costs of Hydro for others they sure are dumb and do without for themselves?

  8. This also translates into job loses as people have to spend their money on energy costs which sucks up peoples’ disposable income that would otherwise be spent to keep people employed in retail and food industry jobs for example.

  9. A freeze is put on hiring for public sector jobs and let retirements thin the workforce.
    Municipalities can’t afford the legacy costs like free pensions so work will have to be contracted out.
    It dosen’t take long for legacy costs to eat up most local budgets. So there will be no choice anyway. This is already happening. Hudak or no Hudak.

    • half of taxes in detroit went to pay for legacy costs of entitlements vs. fixing pot holes etc

      would be interesting to know how much of the hydro bill goes to paying legacy costs of employees. that number will keep going up at an ever faster pensions go up as incomes of sunshine club members go up.

      lets pretend the chosen public sector worker is worth every cent they get paid in wages and benefits for life. the problem is that the others that pay the bills no longer can afford to cuz disposable incomes are shrinking due to rising costs and stagnant paychecks.

      when a public sector emplyee says the government can pay more, who do they think gets stuck paying the tab?

      I’m afraid the majority in are on the take and will vote for the politician that gives them the most with no thought that the politician is paying them by robbing the neighbor who works at a low income job with no benefits.

      Hudak has a tough job cuz the majority don’t want the gravy train to slow down. The province will end up like Detroit

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