Hydro woes spark industry exodus fears in Dufferin

jobOrangeville Banner, By Chris Halliday
The county is in danger of losing a large segment of its industrial and business base if energy prices continue to skyrocket. With dramatic electricity and natural gas hikes on the horizon in Ontario, whispers that several of the county’s larger businesses are mulling whether to move elsewhere are spreading through Dufferin.

“When you start hearing them talk about a year or two max and then moving on, that is a concern to anybody listening,” said Pete Renshaw, president of the Greater Dufferin Chamber of Commerce (GDACC). “Even if they’re just rumours of large businesses leaving.”

This isn’t a problem immune to Dufferin. Electricity rates across the province are expected to rise more than 30 per cent over the next three years. Coupled with natural gas hikes, those spiking energy costs are pitting industry in a position where some of the county’s heavy-hitters may debate an Ontario exodus. “I hear it from a CAO here, a CAO there,” Renshaw said. “We’re one of the highest, if not the highest (energy) priced province in the country,” Renshaw added. Read article

8 thoughts on “Hydro woes spark industry exodus fears in Dufferin

  1. Residential homeowners can not afford to subsidize the electricity rates for businesses (even if they wanted to). All the money is gone subsidizing mostly foreign Industrial Wind Turbine companies to destroy our communities!

  2. For example, if you raise a household’s energy costs by $1,000/yr then this amount of money is no longer available to be spent at local stores. Then multiply this amount by the number of households there are in Ontario and you have very serious economic problems. And this will get worse as energy costs rise.
    Yet many local merchants fell for these IWTs as they were told this would increase their business.

  3. Now local busineses are stuck with much higher energy costs and customers with fewer dollars to spend in their stores.
    It’s likely that local jobs will be lost as a result of this situation.

  4. vote and you give your yourself to thief’s,fraudsters,all bums!!!!!! Shine the light on yorselves,you are it,not these idiots. All parties are colour coded for your addiction to steal your energy. These are dark forces,think off your children and there future. They have none with these idiots its all debt slavery they create.
    Educate yourselves and find remedy that is in front of you.

    • Exercise your right to vote!!!! and if you don’t vote!! – don’t complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      VOTE THE LIBERAL BUMS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well, Dufferin County businesses can thank directly people like Town of Orangeville’s Mayor and Dep. Mayor who choose to continue supporting the fraud when they could have tried to stop it. They licked the feet of Dufferin Wind.
    Sorry about the small and large businesses but it’s people like that who continue to cave into the pressure from their new-found corporate buddies that have screwed this province but good.

  6. Snowball, you are so right about some elected officials caving into developers.

    But the situation now is that people will have even less money to spend in their local communities this coming year than they did last year, Mine will be about another $800 which can’t be spent in my community.

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