Wainfleet wind turbine appeal dismissed

skydive-burnaby2Dave Johnson, Erie Media
The appeal by Skydive Burnaby over two wind turbines being built by Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. on Station Rd. has been dismissed by the Environmental Review Tribunal. The decision was released Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m really happy … really elated. Everyone in the office is really happy,” said Tom Rankin, CEO of Rankin Construction Inc. and partner in Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. with the Loeffen family. Rankin said he was always pretty confident justice would prevail and the company would move forward with the final part of the five wind turbine project. “I always felt our case was stronger than theirs. Our lawyers did a great job,” said Rankin. “We’re going to be moving forward now. The project was delayed quite a few months.”

He said for the project to be completed, all five turbines have to be operating. He said work would begin on the Station Rd. site as soon as a large crane used on the other three turbines could be moved over.

The appeal on the project was filed in 2013 by Mike and Tara Pitt, owners of Skydive Burnaby, who were concerned over the risk to skydivers from the two turbines, which will be located 1.5 kilometres west of the skydive facility. Read article

16 thoughts on “Wainfleet wind turbine appeal dismissed

  1. What a farce! The ERT committee members must be corrupt morons! I propose the committee members take up skydiving adjacent to these flesh chopping turbines!

  2. I think that the developer, their lawyers and the ERT magistrate should demonstrate that there is no health risks by skydiving into a moving wind turbine. The ERT magistrate who ruled on this must have the IQ of a telephone poll. Is this proof of Wynne’s caring hands?

  3. A plane in North Dakota crashed into a wind turbine killing everyone on board. But, the ERT idiot ruled that there is no proof a skydiver would be injured if he flew into a IWT. It had to be hard for Wynne’s government to find somebody so stupid to run these ERT hearings. I know morons are running rampant in Wynne’s government, but this is extraordinary.

  4. Our deepest condolences to Mike and Tara Pitt / Skydive Burnaby. Big money wins over the little guy’s. We knew that but still this outcome is beyond shocking. We were all routing for you.

    Hard not to get depressed huh? We have to keep on fighting. Perseverance will win the day. At least during this election the poop is really hitting the fan and the truth is splattering the folks that just woke up! Hang tough you guy’s , a moratorium could be just around the corner. Then you could offer these grifters a free sky dive lesson!

  5. Her we go again each and everyone of us has been sold out!! – I pounded Wynnes’ office with over 150 emails before she even responded!!!! they don’t care about you or I and are communities and the wildlife within !! vote the Liberal bums out!!!!!!!!!!

  6. For all the Honourable Police Officers out there —
    wondering about ‘criminal intent’ —

    look: Mr. Rankin admits the Harm won’t be “an accident” —

    ‘[excerpt] “I’m really happy … really elated. Everyone in the office is really happy,” said Tom Rankin, CEO of Rankin Construction Inc. and partner in Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. with the Loeffen family…’

    This makes their imminent prosecution easier —
    don’t ya think?

  7. How much in taxes did Skydive Burnaby pay in comparison to what the offending turbies will pay in taxes?
    These people are happy that they will destroy another business?

    • This is truly sickening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these people have NO moral compass involved in the turbine business!!

  8. For research purposes, let’s say a kite were to fly into a wind turbine. Say the kite string was attached to a rope, the rope to a chain, and the chain to an old pickup truck. What kind of damage would ensue? Hypothetically speaking.

    • First, don’t forget the six pack of beer for the aftermath celebration ! hypothetically speaking, of course.
      Maybe a bow and arrow would do a better job, *wink*.
      Ready………. Aim………. Fire………… !!!!

    • I like the way you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – we just have to make sure that there is no camera surveillance around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hypothetically !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I hear the wind blows mostly at NIGHT, when there is the least demand for intermittent electrical supply.

      • ya know, hypothetically speaking, muriatic acid sure would do a number on concrete, especially around steel bolts ??
        I don’t think those blades would tolerate muriatic acid either ! one shot would waste the whole blade in a matter of a few minutes it would eat through it quickly !! Toxic on Toxic application !

        Speaking from a true conversation, during a township meeting, guy says to counsel during discussion on decommissioning :
        Ya just aren’t going to get a truck full of guys with a six pack to dismantle a turbine, it isn’t going to happen. !!

      • Yes I know what you mean about guys and a six pack!!!!!! – when it comes to situations like this it has to be log key!! low key!!!

  9. Sing this song with the melody……….. Chew a turbine, Chew a turbine, chew a turbine, SPIT !!!!

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