Developing Story: Horizon wind loses Nor’Wester Wind application

Nor’Wester Escarpment Protection CommitteeNet Newsledger, James Murray
 Horizon Wind has lost in their application to have the Ministry of the Environment give them approval for the Big Thunder Wind Farm… appears that Fort William First Nation wins this one…

The original application was submitted in September 2012. In a news release the company states, “In 2007, Horizon Wind Inc. entered into an agreement with the City of Thunder Bay for the potential development of the Big Thunder Wind Park. Read article

9 thoughts on “Developing Story: Horizon wind loses Nor’Wester Wind application

  1. Go away Horizon we don’t need you or your wind farms!!!! (or should I say cancer in the sky farms!!! ) VOTE OUT THE LIBERAL BUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes I agree,lets get all the bums out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red green,blue,orange,all those parties hats scum buckets,ya lets do it!! Have ourselves a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Another Liberal seat saved?
    This company is small-potatos money-wise compared to the big guys. Not much lost for the Libs in cancelling this project and everything to be gained.

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