Figuring out Ontario’s energy future

alternative-energy-failBy David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
Electricity in Ontario is so expensive because generations of governments have treated it as a tool of politics and for intervening in the economy, none of the major parties contesting the current election is going to stop, and nobody, but nobody, will cut your hydro bill meaningfully.

We call it “hydro” but that’s already misleading: Ontario’s electricity is mostly nuclear. Last year almost twice as much of Ontario’s energy came from nuclear reactors as from all other sources put together. Why? Because in the 1950s and ’60s, our governments thought they could kickstart an international export business by developing Canadian nuclear reactors. We sold a few, but to this day hardly anybody in the world uses CANDU reactors but us.

“I see energy as an economic fundamental and not a plaything,” Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak told the Citizen’s editorial board this week. Hudak says the government’s priority should first be to make sure Ontario’s power supply is reliable and, after that, as cheap as possible. Read article

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