Hudak not scrapping solar and wind power contracts, just no new ones

hudakMonteSun News, ANTONELLA ARTUSO
TORONTO — Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has learned nothing from Liberal government’s mistakes in the $1 billion gas plants controversy. That was the unusual message from Liberal MPP Brad Duguid, who said Hudak is about to waste 20 times as much public money if he proceeds with his plans to tear up solar and wind power contracts.

“Ontarians should be asking Tim Hudak whether he’s learned from the mistakes that were made during the gas plants issue,” Duguid said Sunday. “We certainly as a government have. We’ve taken a number of measures to make sure that doesn’t happen again. “Tim Hudak, though, in his plan, would repeat the same darn mistake again, costing us tens of billions of dollars.”

The former energy minister said that people understand that governments and politicians make mistakes — as was done in the case of planning to put two gas plants in residential neighbourhoods without adequate public consultation — but expect that lessons will be learned and not repeated. Ontarians will fork over up to $1.1 billion extra over the next couple of decades for reneging on two signed gas plant contracts for Oakville and Mississauga.

In Hudak’s plan for renewable energy, the PC leader is committing to either ripping up existing solar and wind contracts or giving municipalities the ability to do so. Read article

11 thoughts on “Hudak not scrapping solar and wind power contracts, just no new ones

  1. Much like the gas plants, the process of ridding ourselves of over-priced, inefficient wind projects, can be done in a cost effective manner. As Tim Hudak has said, he would have allowed the gas plant contracts to “time themselves out”, and he would have the option of doing just that, with wind or solar projects. It would be far more cost effective to cancel the wind contract, even with penalties, than to allow them to continue on wasting taxpayers money,for 20 years, for NO net benefit!

    • ” …for NO net benefit!…”
      Precisely. The Voting Public, including urban Greenies, must be educated to understand that GEA / Wind Power has contributed essentially nothing to getting Ontario off coal, and in fact will drive Ontario’s CO2 emissions higher. Everybody talks about costs, visual blight, real-estate values, infrasound, flicker, medical effects etc.
      All valid issues…but the NO BENEFITS point is much more important.
      Half-asleep Ontarians have been sold a bill of goods, and the Premier is still selling it.

  2. It would take the major MSM to explain the harm done by IWTs to urbanites and how can this be done in just the next 3 weeks? Otherwise the public won’t listen to fact based evidence about IWTs from other sources.
    Let’s see who the MSM will endorse in this election?

    • The MSM for the most part endorse Kathleen Wynne, as hard as that is to believe. Otherwise they would print some candid truths about wind power and the essential parts that Ron points to “No net benefits”. I thought that the pocketbook issue would finally alert urban voters to the uselessness of wind turbines, but for a lot of them it hasn’t yet.
      The MSM also studiously ignores that IWTs are a factor at all, when for many of us, they are the Only issue.Many commentators were in denial last time that wind plants had cost McGuinty his job, to a large extent this still holds.

  3. All politicians seem to count on the voting public having a magpie moment and responding to the latest shiny bauble offered by the pols (which they will get to pay for down the road). It is a pity that politics runs at a level of competing narratives of what they can give to the voters by robbing other voters. Somehow the prosperity of the Province (outside of government) and the wellbeing of its citizens are well outside their ken (not enough kickbacks…). My dad used to say (long ago in a place far away) that the key to voting for the right person is to figure out who is going to steal the least — tougher now than ever.

  4. RTO Insider, Jan.7,2014
    “Update: As of 5PM Tuesday, PJM Said 36,00 MW of Generation, 20% of Instlled Capacity, Was Unavailable Due to Forced Outages.”

    Not to worry. JCM Capital is going to lay two HVDC “extension cords” from Nanticoke, ON to Pennsylvania via Lake Erie to supply excess Ontario “green” electricity.

  5. Windpower Engineering, 2013
    Sept.16, 2013 U.S.FERC/Federal Energy & Regulatory Commission authorized developers of the Lake Erie CleanPower Connector project to sell businesses rights to the line to Pennsylvania ,via Lake Erie, at negotiated rates.

    Means U.S. needs power from Canada & FERC has already granted permission to do this. Project to be completed in 2017.

  6. 6 Liberal scandals – and,
    Ontario is bankrupt!
    Liberals can’t run on their record.

    Vote Conservative!

    • Scandals – downgraded to ‘mistakes’
      ‘[excerpt] The former energy minister said that people understand that governments and politicians make mistakes…….’

      What’s Duguid got rolling around in his head?

      Vote Conservative!

      • Well said. Normally, I view each parties’ detailed platforms before I make a decision, but this year, the election allows us to have a say in the health of many Ontarians.

        We will vote conservative this time around because we care about the health of our fellow people even though we are not impacted directly.

        Health first, other things next. (Ex. I am lobbying Hudak to consider education to be a critical service.)

        Thank you.

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