Wynne: Liberals have learned from their mistakes…

WynneKissLucknow Sentinel, Patrick Bales
Premier Kathleen Wynne may have been in Walkerton Thursday morning to announce her party’s support for the Walkerton Clean Water Centre, but inevitably she was asked about the contentious issues of wind turbines.

Wynne said the wind turbine placement process has improved since she took office. “There needed to be a change in the way those wind turbines were sited,” she said. “I believe that it’s very important that communities have more input.”

Wynne noted since she was elected Liberal leader, there have been changes regarding the way turbine contracts are finalized.  “Communities must opportunity to have a say and have much more buy-in,” she said. She also expressed regret for the way the Green Energy Act was implemented. “If I could roll back the clock and we could have a better process from the beginning, I would do that,” Wynne said. “But I can’t do that. All I can is make sure that, going forward, we have a much better process in place and that communities are consulted.” Read article

13 thoughts on “Wynne: Liberals have learned from their mistakes…

  1. All I can say you phuckin ass wynne nutter ,you and this bunch of party asses need to go were the sun does not shine. Party there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wynne is out of her mind if she thinks things have improved regarding the Wind Turbines!! – maybe she still is on her good ship lolly pop to notice any difference!! – a liar is a liar is a lair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Its great when she stands up and says no wind turbine farms will be built in Not Willing Host communities and the next day her Minister Bob Charelli approves another one in a Not Willing Host community. What a joke.

  4. It would have been meaningful if she had said no more wind turbines. But no, they plan to contract a further 600 MW of wind power, even after the auditor general made it clear that wind power is useless in Ontario.

  5. So which mistake would they be learning from
    Put on notice by Standard and Poor, credit rating downgraded, under a very serious credit watch
    More than doubled our debt to 288 billion
    Running a 11.3 billion annual deficit
    Debt servicing costs will rise from 11.4 billion today to 14.5 billion once the debt exceeds 300 billion by 2017-18
    Interest payments on our debt now the third largest budget expenditure after health and education
    Have-not province for the first time in Canadian history
    Increased spending by 80% while our economy grew by only 9%
    Ranking the lowest of all provinces for fiscal performance
    One million Ontarians now out of work
    Gutted our manufacturing base (job growth across Canada except in Ontario)
    Prior loss of 60,000 jobs in the horse racing industry – now attempting to correct this
    Third highest user of food banks
    Announced pay freezes knowing that 38,000 were getting a 3% salary increase after the election
    Borrowing more debt than any province except NB
    Two ministries under an OPP criminal investigation – ORNGE and gas plant scandals
    Green Energy Act (20 billion)
    Gas plant scandal (1.1 billion theft and cover-up of our tax dollars)
    Caledonia Hydro Line scandal (116 million)
    Ontario Power Generation scandal
    Nanticoke Coal Power Plant Shutdown scandal
    Offshore Wind Turbines scandal
    Samsung scandal (sole-sourcing)
    Trillium Wind Power and Sky Power Limited lawsuit (500 million)
    Energy now unaffordable yet we must pay Quebec and some north-eastern States to take our surplus energy
    Encouraging farmers to build small-scale solar projects but having no way to connect them to the power grid
    Task Force on Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progress confirmed that McGuinty’s Green Energy Act grossly underestimated the cost to consumers and overestimated the number of new jobs that would be created
    Increased smart meter, electricity, hydro costs
    Kowtowing to green energy lobbyists
    Public utilities donating to Liberals
    Ignoring evidence that wind turbines can cause poor health
    Electricity rates to rise 42% over five years

  6. Like the Bourbons, Liberals have learned nothing and forgotten nothing; nothing whatever has changed since Wynne replaced McGuinty.

    She might have saved the bus fare to Walkerton. People there are concerned with the present day environmental disaster in Huron-Bruce industrial wind plants. This was evident last time out when “the minister for windmills” Carol Mitchell took one for the McGunity team. Wynne may as well stay in Toronto, she has zero appeal in this part of Ont.

  7. One is inclined to believe that learning from one’s mistakes does not extend to public policy. The continuing cascade of scandals, dubious job killing policies, and ignored conversations and studies suggest that ‘learning’ is more along the lines of clinging to power as long as possible. Being of benefit to more that a select circle is probably not in their lexicon. Sadly, this phenomena is not unique to the Liberals. ‘Its all about trust me… I won’t fool you again… promise…;’

  8. This will be a make or break Ontario election.

    One of the first areas to be affected by rising energy costs are the agricultural and food industries because this is the place where consumer spending drops first.

    Combined with higher farm product prices, such as meat & poultry prices. Farmers will bear the brunt along with property devaluation, increased fertilizer costs, feed prices and on and on.

    Are some rural councils not thinking about the complete and total picture here with IWTs?

  9. Kellogg Co., Battle Creek,MI
    Board includes:
    Stephanie Burns, Dow Corning GmbH & former CEO Dow Corning, Midland,MI + Director at Corning Inc.,corning,N.Y.

    Kellogg’s closing London,ON plant in 2014 with 500 union jobs and 65 non-union jobs according to the LFP, Dec. 10,2013

    Just for general information.

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